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    Announcing ABU Size S/M (Schmedium?)

    schmedium, talk about a perfect size!
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    Stress, booze, & bedwetting

    STEM was beaten to death by the time I was in high-school and undergrad, what they really need to do, if one cares about actually having a job in demand, with a salary that isn't poverty level, is cut it down to TE. Of course the tech people don't have any freaking issues. I thought, maybe med...
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    Stress, booze, & bedwetting

    Hi D3V, Read your previous post on alcohol and bedwetting (BTW, super happy that your boyfriend was accepting and supportive). My experiences sound similar, I'm in my mid 20's, college wasn't too long ago, and with a major I absolutely loathe, I could very well be going back, this time living...
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    What Diaper Were You Wearing To Ring In The New Year?

    My trusty Goodnites for me! Put it on before midnight, as we had had a few beers and champagne (I had a genuine accident not too long ago on the couch from falling asleep from being genuinely exhausted and I wasn't padded. Super embarassed, but my mother covered for me and said I had just...
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    Why should the NYE baby have all the fun?

    Why should the NYE baby have all the fun come the stroke of midnight, wherever you may be? Sorry for folks ahead of our timezone, but I wish you a happy 2020. The NYE baby is always clad in a diaper, so why shouldn't we? Come the stroke of midnight, I intend to have some type of diaper on. Are...
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    Tape diapers, pull ups, or both?

    I do both! Goodnites are my go to, and have worked wonders for my occasional issues at night, and I do have a soft spot for the occasional tabbed baby diaper (put on a few pounds, so convert ups temporarily). I really want to try some rearz rebels!
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    Anyone tried parents choice pull ups?

    the Wal-Mart Goodnites, been wanting to try them (love the prints, and that they're unisex) but haven't. How does the absorbency compare to Goodnites?
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    What AB-themed diaper accessories would you like to see?

    Authentic reproductions scaled to adult sizes of pampers and luvs from the early 90s, and pull ups identical to the design of Goodnites/Pull-Ups in adult sizes with prints of the classic Disney/Pixar movies that came out in that era as well. If someone made the old Chubs wipes, with that lego...
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    As an ABDL do you like wearing on public?

    I've never done it, chalk it up to the bit of "diaperphopbia" that's engraned in us as we're being transitioned out. Did have the flu once and had to shovel the driveway, had an depend on (at least they could hold in the back end in case of an emergency). Neighbor was out, and I felt so childish...
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    I hate Depends.

    Too bad it would require a real estate investment, but I wonder, being a small town, if you could run ads in say the local newspaper, and basically set up an etsy account, and run it out of your home. Small town, older folk, I'd go so far as to offer discrete to the door delivery to make life a...
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    What is the first diaper you were put in or put on after being potty trained??

    Don't know when I was potty trained, but I've been a bedwetter for a long time, Goodnites then, and Goodnites now
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Not diapered, but got my Rearz Rebel bodysuit, OMG, I am in *love* with it!!! Could totally put on a Goodnite, a Star Wars film from 4-6 (don't know why they stick out, my intuitive reaction) or dig out a Lego set and just build! Glad I went with the XL, pretty baggy in the torso/waist section...
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    What’s your favorite blue ABDL diaper?

    As of with what I have: Camo goodnites What I'd like to try: Tykables Cammies
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    Diapers: Winter vs Summer

    I vary from season to season, and like them both for different reasons, but have to agree, I prefer winter months. Warm days are great when it's just you and you can wear a T-shirt and a diaper around the air-conditioned house. Winter, can dress up in PJ's (just ordered some from Rearz) and wear...
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    Just not ready to change...

    Totally! It's been a while, having had a parent at home for surgery that would never be accepting of this side, and having done laundry this week, dont want to risk the chance of overfilling. But when I do, or in the case I'm super sick (thank you pneumonia), I wont change until I absolutely...