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    How do you Change yourself?

    If it's during the day, a rarity anymore, generally I'll wear Goodnites and I'll slip out of them standing or like when I was a kid in Pull-Ups I'll slip it off sitting in the bathroom/on my bed. Varies on where I am at the moment. Nighttime doesn't vary as much. If it's just a night I've had...
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    I have tried many times but just cant do it

    Buzzed/sober, I don't think matters too much, I've done it in both states of mind. I think it depends on what age you're trying to get to. In my case, I'm just a little, like 7. I don't automatically shift over to 7, it's gradual. I might have a few drinks, and nowadays who doesn't day drink...
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    Favorite Diaper Prints

    Really like the panda print on my Luvs, and the camo on Goodnites, stripes are cool too and I like the space print that's out there. Have my older ones to use up first. PC Goodnites have nice prints as well, just smaller than Goodnites. Wish I could get the Luvs with the stars and dots prints.
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    What kind of circumstances do you have to work around?

    having legitimate issues makes it harder to somewhat indulge in the fun side, nights of consecutive issues where you want a break, and having to sneak used materials out when you live with someone who wouldn't get the need/is incapable of understanding
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    What’s the best part about wearing a diaper for you? What’s the worst part?

    Best part: being able to retain some level of dignity when my personal issues flare up, or when I get sick because I will be in a physically terrible state. The guilty pleasure of buying a pack of diapers in the store with people not knowing they're for you. Worst: having legitimate issues...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    Took precautions last night, dietary allergies catching up yet again (and probably will for the next few nights), I've also been listening to those sleep audios with the wavelengths for deep sleeping (avoiding melationin dependency), and I'm glad that I did it. Sorta woke up last night, but...
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    How long does a diaper last you?

    Really? I can find them at any big box store or grocery store without an issue, they might be low on 6's (in the small packages TBF) but they all typically have a stock of them in some quantity
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    How long does a diaper last you?

    When I need to wear, all night. I don't have a massive bladder, which is why I use Luvs and Goodnites, but they'll easily hold 4-5 of my wettings without leaking, but I also don't really flood them, at night when my issues flare up my voids are more like a trickle out of a hose
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    I visit my grocery stores almost daily, things seem much better now, but there are waves on the original popular products; toilet paper, napkins, meat, cooking supplies (mainly sauces and condiments), and occasionally diapers. They seem to have adjust and are better at keeping inventory, doesn't...
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    How to Build a Travel Diaper Bag

    Good tip, thought of the perfect bag that I have in the basement, it's a zippered bag for a dive regulator (which I don't own yet) that came in a 3 set package in the case for my mask!
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    Vintage goodnites haul

    Should take some notes of the size comparisons and send that to Goodnites! They can keep the designs, but they really need to go back to the real sizes
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    How to Build a Travel Diaper Bag

    Like the idea of the disposable bed pads! Did not think of that/also looking for an excuse to order the Rebel bed pad from Rearz. Yeah, my current brands have never let me down, I have never once leaked with them and it's also nice having brands that are readily available if the worst case...
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    How to Build a Travel Diaper Bag

    Appreciate the advice! A ziplock with some in checked baggage along with bags and wipes, and a few Goodnites in my carry on/backpack. I don't have day time issues, so the carry on will be minimal/back up for lost luggage (see first response) but it would save buying anything, as that would be...
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    How to Build a Travel Diaper Bag

    Thank you! Should be about a week long if we get to go (Maui!) I will look into a Rearz bed pad (been looking at the Rebel one for some time) as that seems like a great idea for an extra barrier. Had my issues catch up with me on 3 nights during a 10 day trip to Oahu, I am glad I was hydrated to...
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    Hey! We’re slightly better than peeing on each other!

    I just have a general question, why is there a taboo with girls being dominant and guys being submissive, why is the other was around acceptable/expected? I grew up with a pretty bad male figure in my life, and the only way he would be dominant with anyone was with verbal/emotional/psychological...