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    Can someone teach me?

    Wow. Thank you for this. Changing standing up really did help me.
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    Wearing diapers is calming me down. Normal?

    So... Usually I'm an impulsive, angry, sometimes agressive guy. Since I started using diapers I'm much more pacific and calm. Also, I'm a smoker and now I smoke much less. Is there any logical, let's say "psychological" reason for that?
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    Emergency Kit

    Yesterday I was at the mall, peed a little too much in my diaper and it was noticeable in my pants, so I put my seatshirt aroud it. Now I'm thinking in having always a backpack with a diaper or two, some wipes, and a pair of pants. Do you do this? Can you think of other stuff to put in the backpack?
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    Is this true?

    Hi. So, I read this online: "Becoming Incontinent - Wear diapers 24/7, stop using the toilet. Use your diapers for everything and after a while you will stop noticing when you have to go to the bathroom and will start noticing that your diaper is wet and/or messy. It may take some time but if...
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    How do you change your diaper?

    LOL my bad :ROFLMAO:
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    Where did you pee/ poop for the last time?

    Really? I love driving messed. Changing the gears really makes feel it in my buns.
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    How do you change your diaper?

    Thank God. Just found the right way to put my diaper on. Been wetting the back of my plants for days...
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    1st time getting caught messy.

    Your friend noticed you were wearing a diaper and didn't said anything. You pooped and he didn't complaint about the smell. The only thing he said is that he wanted you to poop in your diaper. I think is secretly an ABDL or wants to be. Trust me, good friend you've got there.
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    Where did you pee/ poop for the last time?

    Show pictures of where did you use your diaper for the last time. For me, it was today (obviously), in the beach. I suddenly had the urge to poop and actually there was no bathroom near by. I did it right away I peed also. Am now at home and and still wet and messed. So, lucky ABDM me :)
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    What I saw at the grocery store the over the weekend

    Next time just lift your shirt a little and show your diaper so they can see.
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    Ordered my first "premium" diapers!

    I live in Portugal and I just put on some Tena Slip Plus. The leak barriers adjust to the legs perfectly, the back is extremly high and the padding is super thick. Let's wait to see how the absorvency is. In general they feel great.
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    Ordered my first "premium" diapers!

    Is Tena considered a "premium" diaper?
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    Diaper stuff

    I like to pee and poop in them. It's good to feel the poop in your butt when you sit down :)
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    Pooped While on a Walk

    Today I woke up and pooped while drinking my coffee. It felt so good. The heat is pleasant. Then I went to the shopping to buy more diapers and pooped a little more. In the way home I peed a lot. While I'm writing this I have both in my diaper. It is a great feeling for sure :)
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    How do you change your diaper?

    By the way, how many times do you change a day? I just pooped. It's noon. I could feel this all day.