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    i realize that other than praying for you, there is not much i can do to help...
    but i do hope that you have some place that you can go so that your not out on the street, even if that place is the back seat of your car/truck.
    Hey......DLhere was banned and something........cardboard was too! Do you know why? I just noticed CuddlyAngle too? People just gone!
    may the Joys of the Year to come erase the sorrows of the Year just past.
    Happy New Year Hy Friend..... (soft smile)
    Got your txt foxkits. Hope you had a nice Christmas and best wishes for the new year. Hope your phone gets fixed soon!
    I hope your having a good week my friend! I read your blog posts and see how rough you've had it and continue to. I can relate from our many conversations!
    Hey Foxkit,
    What's up? You posted in my thread (asking for furry advice) and told me you got your cub head done by Iceage from FA. Got any pics of it you'd be willing to show off? I'd love to see it.
    Hi foxkits,
    Thank you again for the pep talk. You made a difference in my life today. It was nice chatting with you and getting to know a little about you as well.
    Thx BPants
    i went over to e-bay today and looked up the (adult, baby, sissy, and then shortall).
    e-bay really does have a lot of stuff doesn't it.
    so then i started looking up some of my favorite brand-names like unionbay and Cherokee. and i found still more cool stuff. so i am going back over there and look some more in a little while.

    thanks for the good idea, FoxKits.....
    where on E-bay? i haven't used it in a long time...

    lodge wrecker
    Colorado's been great :) Having a very nice (and hot) spring
    You can still post on the boards. Trevor does, and he's older. It's not creepy.
    Wait, you're not going to post anymore because there are 13 year olds?
    Just a simple request. Could you put a space between periods and the following word?

    Writing can be annoying if it is written like this.It's more difficult to read.
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