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  • Long time no see Mr Fox! :D

    You've been working too much lately :smile1:

    Who am I kidding :p I've disappeared for an even longer time!
    Australians box with kangaroos and win. I think I'm tough enough to handle a fox ;)

    When the dust clears we'll see just who ends up the winner :detective3
    Hey there, icyfire, it's Icey!! Just wanted to say hi to another icy, that is here on the forum!! ^_^
    I'm good, thanks for asking :smile:

    Ah it is a little bit but I'm not doing too bad at the moment. I have some deadlines coming up in a few weeks that I really have to work on but other then that I'm just kind of doing a little more than I usually would, which I can handle. :smile1:

    Just got back from a weekend in Melbourne actually, which was alot of fun and the main reason I haven't responded to your message :sweatdrop: I'll get on it tonight though, I promise!

    Anyway, how have you been? What are you up to these days? :)

    And free ninja masks! :ninja:

    Only 11 more posts until yours :biggrin:

    There's a massive suprise party planned! But you can't te- ah wait :sweatdrop: I mean, psh I probably won't even notice when you do that. It's like whatever ;)

    Now if you'll excuse me I have to leave on a completely unrelated matter :grouphug:

    No peeking!
    Since when was cider not popular? Sure down here it should have popular for ages but I can't imagine that it wasn't popular nationwide.
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