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  • I like to watch football and basketball or races, but I prefer to run or bike. I love all music, except for screamo and really heavy metal. Art should fill your life, whether it be watching performances, or perusing through a museum or owning sculptures/painting/etc. yourself.
    Hiya Foolish, I like meeting new friends here on adisc, wutsup? How are u doing? Hope we can become friends:)
    Its all good! I thought funny bones was funny.
    I'll post somethg for your Holiday........ April Fools Day! Ok?
    you went from funnybones to foolish?

    Most of us dont get the smokeyquartz avitar either!
    But at least we have lots of creativity here on ADISC!
    i dont undersztand what you dont understand lol
    my name, and the gemstone 'smoky quartz'
    'smoky' is just a kind of quartz, its smoky
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