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    Its because babies like white noise :) atleast most do. When I was a baby my mum used to run the vacuum and it would make me fall asleep, I think it's because the womb sounded like that :)
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    this is super cute

    don't know if this has been posted before but its adorable, its a therapist who acts as a mommy to a woman who's afraid of diapers.
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    So excited!

    Cool! What design did you choose? :P
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    So excited!

    I'm ordering a onsie from the all in one company They let you design your own onsie. Mine has light blue elephants and blue sleeves, and a drop seat for nappy checks :3 They're expensive but they look like they're worth it! Anyone else bought from them?
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    I just ordered abu space diapers from nappies r us.... super excited, I've heard they're really good.
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    Insomnia and being a little

    I have severe insomnia and I can be up for weeks with very little sleep it sucks. But with everyone in my flat asleep I can be little for a while and even though I still can't sleep being little distracts from it. Anyone else little at 4 am?
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    Has my "mommy" been infront of me this whole time?

    I'm an adult little, and my best friend of many years sort of knows. She's a caring person and calls me sweetie and hun alot, and one night we were just asking each other random questions from tumblr and she said she would rather be a parent than a toddler for the day. Night goes on and I was...
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    New to this online. Little boy here... I like bubbles baths and playing... in my spare time I bake :pizza: I love cooking... I like video games especially the old ones from my child hood, like crash and mario :D ... on this site I'm just looking for people like me I guess... finalthrower