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    Plastic Pants Tearing

    Speaking of babypants... has anyone ordered from them lately? I did a few days ago and upon looking at the receipt, the email address and the phone number are not good. let me know.
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    To Tell, or Not?

    I agree with ALL of the information provided here. I had a marriage break-up over this. When we were new, I approached her with the idea and she told me she would NEVER change diapers again. Stupidly I purged and promised myself to NEVER do it again. Although she didn't know the extent the...
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    Hello from Canada

    Good morning Egor, Thank you! i have many hobbies and interests. I sing, I act, I fix electronics (iPhone/Android, PC, Mac etc). I hope to participate quite a bit to this forum moving forward! :D Thanks again, Fawsie11
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    fulltime 24/7 AB

    Based on our current FLR, mommy keeps me diapered 24x7. This lasted for about 6 months. I did go into "Baby mode?" a number of times. (I prefer the term sub-space) Had a few embarrassing moments when visiting relatives especially through Christmas, but all in all, it was a good time. Now, I am...
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    Bambino Magnifico Review

    Would LOVE to try these but they are very 'spensive. A case of 10 in Canada is $47.00, so at 4.70/unit that has priced me out. I understand this fetish can be expensive, but i do find the price too high. The price goes down if you order a CASE of 40 at $157.00 CDN. but at almost $4.00/unit still...
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    Rearz Spoiled Safari Review (Large)

    I love the safari diapers as well but I keep having issues with the tapes on them. I had ordered them back in November of last year shortly after I had ordered their princess diapers with a tape problem. Prior to that I had ordered both without an issue. Again, this issue started with Princess...
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    Hello from Canada

    Yup - from our nations capital. I have been doing this now for 45 years. Recently started in an FLR which has required me to wear more "frequently" due to mommies insistence. Don't know what started it off at the ripe old age of 7 or 8 which is my first recollection of my desires and wants. Did...