Christian, academic-composer (perpetual student), and semi-closeted DL struggling between acceptance and norm-derived lifestyle-ideals.

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Abena M2
Personal Space
I assume this means a website... but I am really fond of personal space. =P

-I feel privileged to be a part of this community. Still working out whether or not I will allow this aspect of my identity to dictate certain other areas of my life.
-I'm not the best when it comes to sharing personal details so the people who know about this side of me are very few (and none are particularly "on-board").
-I sometimes wonder if acceptance would allow me to move on with my academic and artistic goals.
-I also wonder if I could ever grow out of being a DL.
-I find myself challenged in my religious beliefs. I'm not caught up in whether or not I am right or wrong... instead, I wonder about why I am the way I am and what I could/should do because of it.
-I also find myself so much more comfortable and respectful with the issues/needs/decisions of others as a direct result of my having grappled with this area of my life.