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    Yush! I kept talking about the "cub lane" remembers?
    Hey whats up brother, another Central pa person, theres like 5 of us by the city.

    Hit me up on my visitor messenges if you wanna talk,

    Your avatar is really cute! Must...resist... *pounces*
    Hi there, xcliber! I grew up in PA and now just moved to MD, of course thinking I would escape at least SOME of the nasty cold. Not a chance! What portion of the great Keystone State do you hail from? I grew up in Northeastern PA!
    Awsome avatar! very cute. I also like the Your mamma joke you just posted, I never heard that one before. :)
    My avatar is from the anime, Gunslinger Girl!! They have had 2 seasons of it, both 13 episodes each!! It's really good, you should check it out!! ^_^
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