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    How old are you guys currently?

    31, I started when I was 12. But always liked them... :)
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    where r u all from

    León, Guanajuato. México. ✌️ Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    New Goodnites design for Girls 2016

    I went on vacations to Orlando and not found XL sizes. Only S/M. Only in Walmart found on a clearance area some Goodnites XL and Trufit. So, maybe are finishing their stocks before launch the new designs. :confused:
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    Kidgets diapers are a hit!

    I found this pic using Google.
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    Kleen Bebe vs pull ups

    No :( Are only available size 5 like Bebin. . So, another diaper company actually makes diapers size 7. Bbtips brand and are very confortable, buuuut the sides don't have stretchy tapes. Im waist 28".
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    Kleen Bebe vs pull ups

    We can made a trade! Haahahaha. I sent to you these diapers and you send me some Pampers 7s or Small Tena... Im just kidding. hahahaha
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    Where can I get small-size stuff?

    I have the same problem. :( Im fit well in some baby diapers but the absorption is not enough. Im from Mexico and small adult diapers are not available. Only Medium and Large. Anyway, Goodnites its a good option.
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    Kleen Bebe vs pull ups

    Actually the pull ups have designs from marvel. You can check the new desings on webpage Huggies Pull-Up Calzoncitos Desechables About goodnites they dont updated to new designs. :( I wrote a letter to Kimberly Clark Mexico but never had a response.
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    Traveling Question

    Actually i fit on Bbtips 7 and im 30" too! Are large, (i guess more large than pampers size 7). jejeje You can try, and are cheap. (160 pesos, 12 USD for 40 diapers) aprox. Greetings. :) Update: On this photo is compared with a white XL Goodnite :)
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    Traveling Question

    I recommend try Affective Advaced Fresh. Are like baby diapers, only have a one tape instead two. Affective® Or BBtips size 7 but are available only in larger packages. (40 diapers). Regards!
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    Diapers at work?

    I used sometimes Goodnites because are very thin, im very skinny and not seen under my jeans. And Im sitting during all day. :)
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    Junior Pull Ups new from Mexico

    I miss that the XL size appear on bag, but, I meant are no available on local stores yet. Maybe in a near future can find.
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    Junior Pull Ups new from Mexico

    Hello everybody! In the last week I found these diapers from Wal Mart in Mexico. Normally here only have Goodnites available, but now have this new brand. My question is if someone has seen on US. Have a good absorption, but only S/M size its available. :( Thank you for your comments!
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    Living at home and using diapers?

    Actally Im living with my familiy, a brother and father. I need use only when im alone, or during some nights. At first its complicated, but eventually can be more easy. Sometimes I use during work and not have any problem, I try to use a discrete diaper.
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    Greetings from Mexico! :)

    Hello!! Finally I decided write my first presentation. :) My english are bad :( but I hope share some experiences about diapers from my country México. :) Actually have 24 years old, male, and I am Diaper Lover. Its all, i think... jejeje! :) Greetings!!!