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  • Haha, I'd love to have you on my dash, only I have three Tumblr blogs, and I am totally unsure as to which one I'd rather give you... They're all a little embarrassing in different ways... x)

    But yeah, we should figure something out~
    That was lovely, thanks! The song was fun (and I love the little reference to Cherry Bomb in the beginning, ha!), and the animation was awesome, but I wish the person was a tad better at illustration :<

    I've been on here very infrequently since the start of the school year, it seems. After I discovered Tumblr, my presence everywhere else on the internet diminished severely. But yes, hopefully we can catch each other :)
    Though, I wonder if you keep the same internet hours as you did last year... I've been trying to go to bed no later than 10:30 this year (emphasis on "trying". I'm not very good at bedtimes.) Anyway, point being that I'm on the internet far earlier than I was last year, so I wonder if we'll keep missing each other; a perpetual game of message-tag.
    Haha! We have indeed been missing each other! Leaving visitor messages sort of feels like phone tag, doesn't it? :p
    Anyway, YaySummer, and I hope we can talk soon.

    See ya later!
    Just saw all the damage on the news today. I could not believe it! Sorry to hear you had friends affected by it. :-(

    I'm also amazed I managed to fly out while it was going on. I certainly got lucky...
    hello kerryXX im trying to meet new friends on adisc, how r u doing?
    Funny enough, I'm just flying out of that state! Did you get any damage from the tornados/severe storms from today?
    Hey Kerry,

    Saw you are from the Southern US. What part of the South? (if you don't mind me asking)
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