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    Does anybody get a rush about almost/or getting cought?

    Actually, I find it quite amusing. My family knows and all. But, I sometimes will go out in a car while padded and wearing footed pjs. OR if it's early in the morning, I can get away with a long shirt and diaper. As long as I'm not leaving the car of course. I'm not -that- open.
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    -pokes at with a stick-

    -pokes at with a stick-
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    Who wears diapers 24/7

    I've been 24/7 for about... 6 months or so now. Just because I can, and for some reason it never gets old to me ^.^
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    Kind of random, but...

    Alright, so I have a question, mostly for people who have random sleep schedules, or have issues with sleeping. I've been having issues with keeping a sleeping at night/awake during the day schedule. Currently I go to bed at noon everyday. I heard it was fairly unhealthy to do so, so I thought...
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    Am I crazy?

    I've worn a diaper to work once when I used to work. It really wasn't that noticeable. And because a goodnite is relatively thin, it'll be even less noticeable. So I say go for it if it's something you want to do :)
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    Paw Tattoos

    I actually got a paw print tattoo about... maybe 6-7 months ago. It's a kind of canine like paw and it's colored in the colors of the rainbow ^.^ I didn't get it just because I'm a furry, but moreso just because I thought it would look cute :) And colorful ^^
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    Thanks so much for the welcome back ^^

    Thanks so much for the welcome back ^^
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    how do you sleep: Back, side or tummy?

    I usually sleep on my side, but sometimes I also sleep on my tummy if I feel comfortable enough.
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    Which body position do you prefer changing your diaper?

    Lately I've been changing while standing up, usually against a wall or something. But for some reason if I do it that way, I always have to readjust the tapes at least 4-5 times until I change again. I can get a better fit if I'm laying down most of the time.
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    Having a bit of trouble with my ps3

    I actually bought it from a gamestop. I just don't want to have to bring it back really >.< I'll probably call sony though, didn't even think of that.
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    Having a bit of trouble with my ps3

    Alright, here's the situation. I just bought a ps3 and black ops. I tend to leave my ps3 on, which I probably shouldn't. But tonight I saw an update for black ops, and I let it install, but then it said there was an issue with it, and the start up was having an issue. It completely froze up the...
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    Coming back once again ^^;

    Hello everyone. I haven't been on this site in about a year I'm guessing. But now that I'm not so busy and have more time to be able to post, I felt like it was a good time to come back ^^. For the people that don't know me (probably most :laugh: ) I'm Chrissy, an AB/DL from mass. For hobbies...
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    Test your *B/DL/BF level

    You scored 27 diaper purity, 58 baby purity, 11 LG purity, and 39 Furry purity! ^ my results. According to them a true *B, which is mostly true X3 so I think it was pretty amusing imo. I had fun with it ^^
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    incontinence - WHY???!!!!

    I have to agree. I don't think I ever really wanted to become incontinent, but I do admit to wearing 24/7 for about a year - year and a half about (actually forgot) and never became that way. I honestly don't think someone could make themselves incontinent even if they tried. And if they did...
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    ~Shyly walks into the room~ I'm back :3

    thankies ^^ so what's been up since I left? ^^