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    I didn't recognize the name change... thought I had a new groupie :biggrin: No... but thanks for checking in on me. I really appreciate it too! -Marka
    wasntme...I'm sorry we haven't been in touch for so long! I hope that you are well...and maybe drop me a note when you can... best wishes! -Marka
    of curse it wasn't real, i not a crier, why you even think that? you soo mean WAAAAAAAA daddy!!!!!! :p
    i just sent friend request, now lets my it creepy,
    you want to know how i got my scars? well i was putting on a diaper one day, when my dad walked in my room, i was shocked, and started to cry, well, he didn't liked it one bit, soo he came to me with a letter opener in his hand and said "why soo sad?" he said as he placed the blade in my mouth "why soo sad?" he presses the blade on the inside of my cheek, "lets put a smile on that face" then, celestia came and turnd him to stone, weeks later got a paper cut when twillight got a mail from celestia and spike was a little to close to me, :p
    Don't be, It just doesn't take much to confuse me. (I did get it, just took 2 or 3 reads)

    Also you were the one who used to have a panda avatar weren't you? I'm sure we've talked before
    Find anything you like? or better think up any ideas for things I could blog on? (especially if you thought them too daft to post ^_^)
    at the risk of sending it to myself (again) lol try emailinstead of pming its al good if u cant thou
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