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    You seem qwiet!! Runs around wagging his tail causing all sorts of crinkly noise...

    You seem qwiet!! Runs around wagging his tail causing all sorts of crinkly noise Hhhhheeeewwwwwwwwooooo der..... Wana be fwiends????
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    Question About Collars

    if your ever at a store like Wal-Mart strole down per isel and size yourself up ^.=.^
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    How old is too old to be in diapers playing with toys.

    nothing wrong with wearing diapers, the only reason most Evan consider it wrong is cause of the general population being ignorant and stupid
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    Wearing a collar in the open

    I wear my collar often, Evan at work (prison transport) I argues that my religious/spiritual belief was furry and that it was the equivalent of a wedding band and after much argueing they approved, sadly my mate od a long time ago so it's not a mateship thing but I still like wearing it
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    s/m depends, protecting with tabs (plastic)
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    Where does everyone live?

    Topeka ks abdl
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    Fun Group Pics

    cute pics
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    A question to all furs

    if I had it my choice is be a full anthro dragon and no hooman skins but super soft short fur instead yes if it were real I'd do it in a heart beat
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    Anybody here a "Fursuiter"?

    I has a partial. I commissioned a full suit.... Sadly that was back in 09 this is all I ever got :( and not been able to have enough money to get another one started *sniffles softly*
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    never had a mate that understood

    *waves a paw shyly at plevy* hi hi, I didn't know u were on here. But umm yea you should totally hit me up, o have you on Skype it says your always on but never a reply, I am kinda local to you....aybr we could hang out sometime
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    SELFMADE ADULT BABY DIAPER PRINTS (downloadable and printable)

    Here's a decent pic of what u could do - - - Updated - - - Or could go single row
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    Someone should invent diaper tape.

    I found this at Walmart its designed duct tape sticks well and works on plastic and Velcro (put tape over tabs) but they had near 80-90 siffrent designs here locally
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    Diaper Tapes

    Hey a idea if you looking for a quick fix on the tape Walmart has designed duct tapes I got two rolls dragons and tiedie with peace signs, but they had everything from mlp to camo to butterflies
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    SELFMADE ADULT BABY DIAPER PRINTS (downloadable and printable)

    Hey as a side note, you can go to Walmart, in the home improvement, you fan get duct tape with designs for 3.47$ a roll and use them it has a great plastic feel and there is many to choose from tie dies peace signs to dragon's and my little ponys it doesnt look half bad either *if you tape the...