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    Anxiety Disorders Amongst AB/DL People

    Diagnosed with "Social Anxiety Disorder".
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    Recent Gaming Purchases?

    Thief Enemy Front Sniper Elite III Beasts Of Prey Resident Evil Revelations
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    Games You're Currently Playing?

    Battlefield 3, Skyrim & Saints Row 3 & 4
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    Diaper wearer or diaper user

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    What is your best & worst diapered experience?

    Oh I did. It was a moment that I will never forget.
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    Would you if it existed?

    Like most, I would visit. I could / would never permanently stay.
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    ABDL diaper with smurfs

    Very cute, but too expensive for me.
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    What is your best & worst diapered experience?

    My best diapered experience was trying my first adult diaper. My parents were gone for the weekend, and I had no way into town. Looking through the phone book, I found a medical supply company. I nervously called them, and after talking to a really nice woman, they delivered my first package of...
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    Diaper wearer or diaper user

    Diaper user.
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    Nappy showing

    I wish I would have spoken to her, but at that moment I was so embarrassed/shocked & caught off guard that all I wanted to do was hide or die.:blushie:
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    Nappy showing

    Positive. Kneeling down to look at an item on a lower shelf in the store when a woman reached for item near me. As she bent down close to me in a low matter of fact voice, said "your diaper is showing". I jumped up mortified, and pulled my shirt down while looking to see if anyone else was...
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    Designs that you think should be on diapers/training pants

    Ponies &/or pandas. Better yet a theme with pandas, koalas, giraffes, etc.
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    How many People use Baby diapers as stuffers?

    If I think I'm going to be away from the house for an extended period, I'll use a baby diaper as a stuffer. Works great.
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    What is it about sleeping with stuffed animals

    Very well said. Many of those reasons are why I sleep with my giant panda bear & take her with me when I travel.
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    Safe place for your little side.

    It all depends on how I'm feeling. Sometimes I'll go around the hose like that (but always have to have my panda bear in tow for confidence), as my roommate knows & thinks it's cute. Other times, I want to be alone and will stay in my bedroom, getting lost in my own little world.