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  • What?! Thats sucks >.< And yeah it'll work out. I've been on yahooanswers trying to find who know of any faker sites that actually give their false product, cuz some just take the money without product.
    Damn western union...
    Lol we have enough TVs :p and idc about the quality, they look exactly the same, and even though they don't have the SupraFoam in them, i can just put Dr. Scholls lol
    yeah i know. i've found some Chinese faker sites that have the exact same thing for cheaper, so i might go with hem on it lol
    yeah they do, from first seeing them i fell in love lol its not that i only have $80 to spend, i just want to keep it under 80 :p
    at this point, i dont care what color, i just want some, cuz they look so cool and fit so well XD theres just so many chinese faker sites though, so its hard to tell who's real and who isnt
    thats good i guess, my biggest problem is trying to find a pair of Supra TK Society's under $80 :p
    knives? why did you have knives? down here if any student gets caught with knives, theyre out permanantly >.< and what unfortunate events?
    trouble? like caught-with-diapers-on trouble? or did-some-bad-stuff-at-school trouble? and check out Cyanide & Happiness :) theyre hilarious XD
    Nope :) its extremely unlikely lol this phone was made for business, so it comes with plenty of security to protect its quarry, or to keep others out. And since the house's main computer (which is the one I use) is down atm, this is my only option.
    Yeah it is xD apart from th e touch-screen function not working whenever I slide out the keyboard, and the lack of good youtube, its a pretty useful thing lol especially in this case, where it can wipe all history, and even encrypt texts and calls :D
    me too. ive been so bored these weeks of vacation. though today im getting new contact lenses. im going for green and grey ones :) the girls at school like it when i get green, and grey looks pretty too lol
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