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  • Haven't seen you on here in a while, buddy. Hope all is well with you and yours! :)
    lol i still can't get over your post in the "home alone with apack of pampers, any ideas?" thread, and because of it i nominated you as Adisc's funniest member
    so congrats and good luck!
    Then I understood them correctly :D

    Nonetheless, I miss them and shall do a little dance whenever I see them on a public outing!

    On a side note: Have you seen the new Pooh movie? Eeyore is *awesome* in it...! I genuinely haven't giggled so much since I was about 5!
    Oh. So asteriskism is alive and well. That's disappointing news.
    More interesting, however, is the revelation in your use of the word 'sarcastic'... I always thought they were being used for emphasis. Hence why I once suggested italics, 'cause that really, really works.
    Anyway, thankyou for cracking open a vintage case of asterisks just for me, it is greatly appreciated I assure you! :D
    Your posts seem to be lacking in asterisks lately.
    I must confess I'm worried you've run out.
    As a goodwill gesture, I'd like to replenish your stocks :D


    There's twenty there - I'm sure you'll use them well! :D
    lol it wasnt a complaint i like it i just liked the other one it was just like your thing lol
    nice new avatar ^.^ but i have to admit im going to miss your old one
    Chillin'. :] I broke my ankle, so I'm on the couch with my foot up in the air. XD haha. getting ready for college!! <333
    Ah I see. I've never really thought about my age, to a specific number. I just round it up/down and declare myself a child! :tongueout:
    I haven't been spanked much, but getting told off is pretty horrible. I used to get sent to bed, or have my toys taken off me :sad:
    I suppose, though, if your girlfriend is the mischievous one, then that's enough between the two of you!
    I'd still urge you to find the little rebel in you, though, at some point! :tongueout:
    Nothing remotely naughty? Are you serious?
    The best thing about being little is getting to misbehave!
    I cannot imagine how you have fun! :confused:

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