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    ID Slip pinhole leak

    I stopped wearing them for that very reason- I really cannot recommend their brand anymore. Kinda sad, it was once my go-to, but they lowered their quality. I believe I even made a thread about it on here. I would say switch to "Seni". It's cheap but good, just like ID was once. Best regards...
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    Motocross diapered?

    I have, on track and otherwise. Whilst it did indeed save me once from a smaller accident, and I'm not talking about the motocross kind- The diaper was pretty split up, to a point where it was mildly uncomfortable in the end. This could be as it was a lower-end cloth-backed diaper- So I am not...
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    Actual differences between Abena diapers- Question.

    Hey there, fellas. I am just tuning in with a little question, as I have been wondering about this. I have tried the Abena L1 and L2 diapers. Is L3/ or L4 any better? I felt like the difference between L1 and L2 was slim- to none, although the website of the company says that there is a...
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    where r u all from

    Denmark- And I'm probably one of the only Danes here. Aww, man. Lol.
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    Need some advice before I choose

    I find it that diapers of the brand "Seni" are pretty good for their price.
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    Best Velcro diapers?

    Bambino ultrastretch is my over-all favourite diaper. The only downside is the cost. Other than that, great absorption, they hold up really well even over longer amounts of time and have super nice velcro-tabs and plastic backing. Good luck in your hunt! -Edward.
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    changing your wet diaper do wipe or just put on fresh diaper ?

    Depends. (No pun intended. Hehe.) I mostly just change into another diaper- Although, it does vary a bit.
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    Any anime/(or manga, I guess,) out there with diapers?

    Very much indeed. It was kinda cringy at times, but it was nowhere near as bad as I expected. Ended up liking it quite a bit, though. ^^
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    If you could wish for anything diaper related.

    Realistically, an 'unlimited' supply of whichever diapers I choose- Otherwise, a girlfriend/future wife, that would be accepting maybe even be a DL herself. 😅 A man can only dream, as they say. Lol.
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    Do you ever feel like your life is better because you wear diapers ?

    I actually feel quite the opposite way- but I can't seem to stop wearing, no matter how hard I try. (The binge-purge cycle always seems to get the better of me.) Get me right, I like wearing and do it out of choice, (not 24/7, but damn close to, whenever I do have a stash,) but I just know that...
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    Diaper Activities with Partner

    I will be sure to consider all this... If I could ever get a girlfriend. Lmao.
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    Any anime/(or manga, I guess,) out there with diapers?

    Awww, man- Guess I gotta learn how to do animations. xD Yeah, Elfen Lied actually just removed the incontinent character (Nozomi) from the story-line completely. (Very sad, for multiple reasons.) As for your last statement-That does seem to be true.-Why? -I do not know. Heh. Thanks for the...
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    Any anime/(or manga, I guess,) out there with diapers?

    Very interesting Currently reading the manga. ^^ Been searching a bit, but there isn't an anime for it, is there? Thanks for the response nonetheless, seems pretty alright so far. :)
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    Any anime/(or manga, I guess,) out there with diapers?

    Won't discriminate against hentai/ecchi anime, so please do bring if you have any. xP But yeah, doesn't really surprise me. Thanks for the answer.
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    Any anime/(or manga, I guess,) out there with diapers?

    Thanks for trying. I figured someone would post something in such a style. I honestly don't know what I expected with this post, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Admittedly, I'm probably just looking for some anime with diaper girls, but I know that ain't gonna happen. xP