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    Diapers In “We need to talk about Kevin”

    That is one trippy movie... Just watched it. 😅 I was super confused for the first thirty minutes, and.. Well.. I'm kinda still confused? I think it was a decent movie though, in the end, truly interesting. Thanks for leading me to it, Robin33. 😅 -Oh, yeah, and sorry for not having an answer to...
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    Diapers In “We need to talk about Kevin”

    Just checked it out, and I'm not sure about your question's answer- But the movie seems interesting, ( read the Wikipedia article about it, ) so I'ma watch it. Lel.
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    Going to a theme park tomorrow! (Diapered, of course.)

    Sorry for the late update on this- I've been unable to go a lot on here lately. Anyhow, here's the story of how it went: Me and 3 others left for a 2+ hour drive at 10 am, I started out in a Bambino Ultrastretch. I was quite hydrated by the time we were there, and my shy bladder prevented me...
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    Thougts and advise on clothing diapers needed

    Hello there, people of ADISC! I've been fiddling with the idea of trying clothing diapers for a while. So I would love to get some thoughts and advise regarding that subject. A few questions I had in mind: How does clothing diapers compare to disposables, in terms of feel, absorbency, and...
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    How did you get into diapers.

    It's funny, I just recalled the first time I thought of wearing diapers. (After being potty trained, that is.) I was probably around 4 and close to 5 years old- And I was in kindergarten. I remember playing around when I accidentally peed my pants. 😅 I got some spare clothes and was picked up...
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    What was the best diaper you ever had.

    Bambino ultrastretch- Hands down. It is extremely absorbent, it has velcro tabs which as nice, and it has such a good feel to it. 🙂 -Edward.
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    Going to a theme park tomorrow! (Diapered, of course.)

    Hey there, people! Tomorrow, I will be going to a theme park with 3 peeps, one of whom I am really good friends with. (My good friend knows that I wear.) This is obviously a great chance to wear- So I will bring a few Seni Classic Plus', a few FormaCare Pull-Ups, and a Bambino Ultrastretch. (Not...
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    1st expedition outside

    That sounds really nice! I am happy for you. :) Also, for the binge-purge cycle: Don't worry too much about it. Just slow down if you feel like throwing it all away. The feeling will only be temporary if you get it at all. Best of luck with your diapered future. :) -Edward.
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    A heaven for buying diapers!

    I believe they ship worldwide.
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    Wearing underwear over diapers?

    I wear underwear over my diapers as well, and I can relate to that issue at times. -I am pretty sure someone in here is going to advise you to use plastic-pants. I personally don't, and I am not sure if there are other solutions. Anyhow, I wish you the best of luck with finding a solution. I...
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    Shopping for supplies

    I've just posted a threat with a recommendation. In short sum-up though: I highly recommend Good pricing, pretty fast- and completely discrete delivery, along with a very large selection of everything AB/DL/IC related. I hope that helped. Best of luck with your hunt, and have...
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    Anyone wanna play some CS:GO or Battlefield 1 (,or something?)?

    Nice! Can't find your Discord with just the tags though. 😅
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    A heaven for buying diapers!

    Thanks for your responses, I am happy to see that you see my post for what it is. I'll take your advice and take certain comments with a grain of salt. Have a nice day! :)
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    Can’t get away from this diaper thing

    Can relate... Just got out of a purge myself, and it truly is agitating. I actually know nothing of how to avoid the purge phase- But many will tell you that it's just about embracing the fact that you wear diapers, and that it's okay. I don't know, it hasn't worked for me, but I'll definitely...