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  • Curious to hear back on your progress, too.

    The only thing I would add, is that when I'm laying down, on my back, and peeing, I might stretch myself out & down to use the back of the diaper, saving the front for tucked peeing.
    Hey, Eddy, I pretty much posted the whole method in the thread. I honestly don't quite remember why I started doing it, other than I was attempting to emulate being very small, and using the front of the diaper more than the crotch. At first, it was a bit uncomfortable, getting erections, I supposed as things sort of stretched themselves to accommodate the tuck, but, that only made me more aware of my situation, and I was fine with that.

    The only thing I think you have to work up to is the initial first weeks... I'd do the tucking after getting out of the shower, when things were kind of moisture-sticky. Just push Willie in upon itself, then wear something snug to keep it there. Think i might've even used medical waterproof strips to help, but don't suggest it, as I got a UTI, if I recall.

    Hope this helps. These days things always retract into position, but come out, when it's safe.

    Because there'S not a long enough road between here and upstate NY. Even if there was, they'd be constantly fixing it as the American and European plates are drifting apart like a few millimeters each year. The road would look like roads in New Jersey in no time...big crack in it!
    If you want to live next door, move into the apartment two floors down...haven't seen anyone living there for the past couple of years, so it should be available after some negotiations :D
    Hmm...2000 miles? It was a lot more! The distance from London to NYC alone was 3,500 according to the aircraft's monitor, and then throw in the distance from here to London (another 300 miles); and we're looking at nearly twice your 2,000 miles! :eek:
    I was in your state, but since your profile says "upstate NY", I looked at a map and realized that Buffalo, NY is almost 400 miles from New York, NY. Not what I consider close, as that distance would take me more than halfway across my own country :eek:
    And yes, I did enjoy my visit!
    *** join the Peachy Fan Club!!! *** (link is on my page)

    hope you upstate people are havinga nice summer! It's been rainy here since April (seems like it rains at least 3 times a week since Easter)
    aw okay. Still, you were a DJ, and you must enjoy DJing if you were in the business, yeah?
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