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    Anybody try one of these yet?

    I haven't tried either of those yet. I recently bought two dummies from pacifiersrus - one cherry pop teat 6 and one olive teat 6. I really love the NUK5s, but have often felt it might be nice if they were a bit bigger, which is way I tried them out. I personally find they are actually too big...
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    hello from the uk

    Welsome to adisc, from someone just up the road!
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    4 months for package to get to the UK from the US

    I've posted about this before in threads that are now closed... After placing an order with pacifiersrus in August it finally arrived just after Christmas! I had some emails back and forward with pacifiersrus...
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    Motorcycle riding in a diaper - who has done it?

    What bike is that in your profile pic? I'm thinking of getting a Z750 or Z750R, which look kind of similar to yours. Never been out riding with padded - seeing that quite a few people on here seem to have been, I might give it a go sometime.
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    First time diapered in over a year!

    Tonight is the first time I've had a diapers on in over a year! My boyfriend moved in with me a year ago. I love living with him but I didn't feel I could tell him about my ABDL side, so haven't had any diapers in the house since he moved in. There is no way I could get rid of my dummy...
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    Paci advice: Teat 4?

    Thanks for your post - yeah I did contact pacifiersrus, and they gave me a tracking number, which I could only see showed the package leaving the States. I tried using the tracking number with royal mail and parcel force, but to no avail. I've ordered form inner child in the past - actually...
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    Paci advice: Teat 4?

    Are you going to order from pacifiersrus? I ordered from them back in August, and still have got anything. I've kind of given up hope of anything arriving. I ordered one of the olive teat dummies and one of the cherry pop ones - I was intrigued what they would be like. Let me know if you order...
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    Anyone addicted to their pacifiers?

    I don't get much of a chance to suck on my dummy - may boyfriend who i live with doesn't know about my AB side, so I only suck on my dummy when he's not around. If it wasn't for that, I probably would be addicted to it - before we lived together, I used to have a dummy in my mouth most of the...
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    my binkies

    Nice collection of dummies, and well done for starting the album. Is the one in the middle the cherry pop teat from pacifiersrus? This is my dummy collection from a while back, but the collection hasn't changed too much. I ordered two more from pacifiersrus in august but still haven't received...
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    Discreet shipping versus customs

    Mimster, Thanks for your suggestion - I have tried the tracking number they gave me in the Parcelforce Website (and also a few other couriers) but it doesn't recognise the number. Does anyone else have experience of things taking ages to get to the UK? I sort of want the reassurance that it...
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    Discreet shipping versus customs

    I posted about this a couple of weeks ago... I ordered from pacifiersrus back in August and am still waiting. Pacifiersrus gave me a tracking number which seems to show the package leaving the US, but they weren't at all helpful about how to track it after that, other than saying I needed to get...
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    Rate Your Sexuality

    Definitely 100% gay.
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    Pacifiersrus - shipping to UK

    From what they said, it was sent out by USPS. So from what you're saying, it should come by Royal Mail. Is there anyone from the UK with experience of ordering from pacifiersrus??
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    Pacifiersrus - shipping to UK

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone from the UK has ordered from pacifiersrus, and what your experience was like? I placed an order with them at the beginning of august, and it has still not arrived. When I contacted them about it, they sent me a link with a tracking number which tracks the...
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    An idea of how to conceal a dummy in public...

    Hadn't thought of that, but kind of figured the helmet itself would prevent teeth damage. Yeah, that is me. I reckon the helmet keeps it pretty well concealed. And like you say, if someone does see then (hopefully) they won't know me, so who cares. I have a KTM LC4 Supermoto.