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    Find a Story

    They probably not on FTT anymore. More of FTT stories were lost when their old forum got deleted.
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    add you too my is 4081-5820-7191 - - - Updated - - - Sorry for the late reply...been busy playing link between world. the only thing I can think of is I need help evolving my haunter.
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    If you want a pokemon with Pokerus...I can trade you one if you want. EDIT: My friend code is 4081 5820 7191
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    the team I been mostly using online is Delphox, GoGoat, Aegislash, Charizard, Lapras and a misc pokemon for the sixth (like Mewtwo, Xerneas, or one of the above). I been training other pokemon too. If anything, my final team would be Delphox, Gogoat, Aegislash, Charizard and two other...
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    Here my team so far.... Delphox Item: Leftovers Ability: Blaze Flamethrower Blast Burn Psychic Shadow Ball In Rotation* Gogoat Item: Miracle Seed Ability: Sap Slipper Leaf Blade Horn Leech Aerial Ace Earthquake Aegislash Item: King Rock Ability: Stance Change King's Shield Sacred Sword Iron...
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    Grass Ivysaur and Sunkern
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    4081-5820-7191 sorry, typo lol
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    Pokemon X and Y?

    4801-5820-7191. Feel free to add me. I'm looking for more people to add because of the friend safari. - - - Updated - - - Here a list of friend code in this thread so far.... Dream (Me :p): 4081-5820-7191 LGstephy: 4141-2684-9777 slyester: 3840-6350-9133 TheEpicTuba: 5043-2252-7130 Ank...
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    My Little Pony Training Pants!

    Here some picture that I found on daily diaper.
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    New Goodnites Designs?

    GoodNites® Nighttime Spy Gear Orientation - YouTube here the new commercial (I think?) for them.
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    Something random I found on the net that you guys might like :P.
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    who has a tattoo???

    I have three tattoo atm....a hatchet man, the slipknot tribe S, and a devil skull like thing.
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    The Insance Clown Posse Cover a Yo Gabba Gabba Song.... Since most of us probably seen Yo Gabba Gabba ;).....I figure you might listening to ICP take on one of their song :P.
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    Lollipop Chainsaw

    Thanks :)
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    Lollipop Chainsaw

    It a short game...only 6 levels but it a pretty fun beat them up that has alot of reply value if you want to unlock everything. Also the boss that wear the diaper is the 4th bosses. He pretty much based on Garry "Diaperman" Shider from the Parliament Funkadelic and the wrestler Papa Shango.