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  • Well, I'm pretty sure that there's no other way for me to get one on... You might just get to try.
    Thank you for being nice like that. I should be able to move my arm by that time, but right now I've got nothing.

    There wasn't a lightning storm over here, well, if there was I slept through it. I was diapered too, and you have no idea how hard it is to put a diaper on with one hand.
    I would be honored to hold your leash, if my arm gets better. read my blog post for details.
    There's nothing wrong with a little paranoia. It's what's keeping the home security industry alive.
    Ya I got it, I just haven't really been on the computer today. This is my last week of school other than finals so I've got all my big projects due.
    Well, I just sent you an E-mail asking the same question. I don't have a cell phone... and I don't know where the yaoi booth is, though I'm guessing it's in the dealers room.
    Hi. I'm an artist to I also have a deviantart and a furaffinity.

    I use IMing if you want to talk.
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