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    Recently told my gf... should i ask her to wear them?

    No, don't tell her to wear them. Be happy that she is accepting of you, but don't try to force her into liking the same things as you. Wait and see if she is interested and wants to try it, otherwise don't ask, or at least give her time to get more comfortable with it before that she try it...
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    ABDL Nurseries

    The only one I know of is in Denver Colorado, but I haven't been because it isn't worth the drive and the prices are quite high.
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    Diapers for a PhD (In Training)

    You have A LOT of questions, kind of overwhelming. I would suggest different posts spread out, rather than a cluster of everything you want to know.
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    Early potty training

    I read somewhere that children who are kept in diapers longer than normal can develop an attachment to diapers and become AB/DLs later in life. The source also said that children who are potty trained early can become AB/DLs, because they desire what they experienced less of than everyone else.
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    Questions I can not answer myself.

    You yourself used the term AB/DL, which I take to mean a combination of the two. Someone who likes to regress and participate in "little" activities, but is also sexually attracted to diapers. I do not believe this taints the adult baby experience, after all we are adults and will never truly be...
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    Pretty sure my "friends" found out

    It seems like you didn't try very hard to actually hide it, so you might as well just explain it to them.
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    AB or not (A question for the fun of debate)

    I actually find the whole affiliation thing quite confusing, and everyone seems to have a different perspective on what the difference between an AB and a DL is. I simply use the term AB/DL to make things easier.
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    Diaper nightmare at airport security!

    I think what stands out in this story is that the security didn't even seem to know what incontinent meant. It's not like he was going after the man for wearing diapers, he was just stupid.
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    What do you think about this I think this would be fun

    It looks like her feet are suspended a few inches above the ground and only because she's holding then up. She could easily just stand up normally, so it really doesn't look like fun at all.
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    new here extremely excited to not be the only person with such a weird fetish

    Welcome to adisc! Although I'm not sure we consider infantilism "such a weird fetish" on here.
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    What if...

    That would be highly awkward in front of friends and family who do not know. Lol.
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    How would you deal with it in jail?

    I would probably go a few weeks, maybe a month or two tops, and then just pretend to become incontinent so I could get diapers.
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    Any advice please - Coming Out, My 22 year secret

    Why would you ever tell your parents your fetishes? They probably don't want to know, and that's not really something you should share with your parents. Some things are meant to be personal.
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    Desires to try baby food?

    I wouldn't eat baby food, it looks pretty disgusting. If my teeth went bad I'd go for applesauce and smoothies.
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    What would you change?

    If I could change anything diaper related in my life, I would make my parents put me in diapers when I wet the bed as a kid.