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  • Well that's weird... I can delete rep days, even a week or so after I give it to someone...

    *shrugs* Talk to Moo? Or just leave it. I'm fine with it. :)
    Oh come on. You know that stuff would have happened with or without my thread. But thank you. :)

    What other things that have I said that you've enjoyed, pray tell?
    Yes, that would be great. I really like what you have had to say, and I think I usually agree with you, if not all the time. Do you want to set it up?
    Sorry to hear of your wife's health condition. My father was 57 when his kidneys failed. He passed in 1979 just before my first son was born. I'm wishing a good year for you, your wife and family.
    Haha....sometimes I wonder. If I had to do it all over again, I probably would have gone into computer systems, running networks and the like. There certainly is employment in that area. I suppose at your age you are going through the mental processes of what kind of career and all. I always wanted to be a musician, and I went into church music. I'm good at it, but you also have to pay the bills, so I've been doing the school job for the last 5 years. I've been to Mississippi once when we took our church high school choir on tour. Believe it or not, we had 135 kids in that choir, grades 9-12. Mississippi was hot and humid! I'll bet you are now.

    I hope all is going well for you. Your dad sounds like a great guy, and having to deal with the loss of your mom at the same time. It seems from what little you have said that he is handling it as well as anyone could. I wish you all the best. Your friend.....
    It came through and all is well. Sometimes the job is complicated. One of the other things I do, and this is really cool, is help run a 500 gallon salt water touch tank. We have 2 horseshoe crabs, all kinds of fish, different other kinds of crabs, sponges, corals, sea urchins and other critters. We are both an inner city school, and an applicant school of innovation.
    I'm degreed as a teacher, but I'm actually a teacher assistant to Instructional Technology, which means I help teach Jr.High kids with computers. Because I only would need to do my student teaching to be fully qualified, I have a lot more responsibilities than your typical teacher assistant. I have a lab which I run, and I go into classrooms with the mobil lab and help teachers operate it. It can be touchy and hard to log on to at times. I also help teachers with computer lessons. I keep the computer labs, we have 4, running.

    I would be glad to be friends with you. Usually a screen comes up where you click on it. Ii didn't see the screen, but I'll keep looking. Stay in touch and will get this working. I hope all is going well with you. And yes, school is starting way to soon.

    You told me you were a teacher in one of my threads, and got me interested, so? Do you teach elementary school, middle school, high school, college etc.

    Also, hope you accept my friend request ^_^
    Hey, I hope you're having a good summer so far =) To answer you're questions, no we are not identical and yeah we are all in college right now... my poor parents =P But we did get quite a bit of scholarship money which makes it not so bad =) I applied to LC because I read about it in a book when doing college research and I decided to go because I liked it when I visited it. I guess I did kinda want to get away from my familly, it's different not being able to see them for almost a year. Anyway I havn't ran into Dr. Harding yet, but if I do I'll be sure to tell you =) It's been nice hearing from you again. ~Tsendo.
    Tried hotmail and realized I need an account. I will talk to my son about this lol. And to think I do tech at a middle school. Anyway, glad you got your job though it doesn't sound like a lot of fun. When you said you were one of triplets, I wondered if you were all identical, and if you were all going to college, which I assumed you were. Wow! I hope you got some sort of tuition money for LC. I took both World Geography from Dr. Harding, and LC Teach about 6 years ago. That was expensive. What brought you to LC. Did you want to get away from Boston. My college was only 50 miles from home, but it was far enough.
    Yeah I got my job, I'm now a cook... again =P Its part time but enough to help my parents pay the bills (including my tuition gap). I was pretty lucky with job hunting and found one fairly easily, though in more rural areas Boston I'm sure it's hard.
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