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    Horrible first experience

    One tip is you should always try new diaper at home before going out in them. Every diaper is a little bit different so its best to figure out what the diaper is capable of at home before venturing outside. This will also help with anxiety.
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    Guess I never introduced myself

    Hey all, I’ve been a long time lurker but recently revealed my kink to my boyfriend and thought I should contribute to the community that I’ve learned so much from. I’ve been a DL for as long as I can remember and regularly wearing for the last 10 years+. Oh and my favorite two diapers are...
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    Mega max new colors

    Are these for the supremes and the mega max or just the mega max? I really like the tie dye one? It’ll match my tyr speedo ;-)
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    Seni diapers and pullups

    Yeah they’re great! I use the seni super and super plus most of the time then the Quattro if I’m gonna be out for a while or drinking. not sure why they don’t get that much attention since I think they might be the best cloth backed diapers on the market.
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    Finally told my boyfriend!

    Yeah well when we got together I told him I had some kinks but they were personal so it might take me some time to share with him. Well this am we were just hanging out and I told him that I was ready to share it with him. It’s really freeing now that he knows conceptually but I’m gonna...
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    Finally told my boyfriend!

    Long time lurker here but I’ve gotten a lot from reading y’all’s threads. After a lot of thinking and a couple weeks of internal debate I finally told him! It was super nerve wracking but when I finally told him he was like “oh ok. Cool” we talked a little bit about it more but it was entirely...