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  • Thanks, actually they will, so long as they keep the same races. The Elder Scrolls Online
    I'm headed to California to be with my boyfriend at the beginning of May. I've lived in Salt Lake all my life
    It is really nice weather here, hardly need a sweater in the morning, and you get to warm with one on during the middle of the day. I can't believe i used to think that st. george could get cold.
    That's cool. And yes, I am originally from Ogden, born and raised in North Ogden, specifically. And are you originally from Roy? I also noticed that you like to shoot; Do you have any guns of your own?
    Hey there! Sorry about not responding sooner, been a little busy lately. Real Steal was AWESOME and I'd see it again I think. It was very enjoyable for sure. Are you originally from Ogden?
    That's cool. St. George is a cool place but a little too hot for me to want to live there. Zion especially has some awesome canyoneering spots. I've changed my major back and forth between creative writing and art for digital media. What are you majoring in?
    I moved here, i am actually from St. George, I'll be moving back there by the end of this semester. I actually changed my degree now, so I am just finishing up this semester and then will be going back.
    I'm not familiar with it, but i have driven through it a few times, i have an aunt and uncle in hyrum.
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