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    Find a Story

    I'm looking for a story in which a teenager goes to stay with his girlfriend's family over the summer, I think at a cottage, and develops a bedwetting problem. He's examined by a psychologist but no conclusions could be made. The girlfriend helps him into night-time diapers every night, which...
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    New computer build (a hand would be nice)

    Any rig will bottleneck at its weakest point. A weak CPU makes multitasking choppy, and Java games like Minecraft primarily run off of CPU. A weak GPU forces you to play games at low graphics settings. Not enough RAM causes frequent loading, sometimes unbearably so. A slow HDD exacerbates load...
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    Passing away next year not my prediction .

    Marathon My Little Pony all day. Then reflect on how your friend was full of shit because you're still alive. Reject superstition and become a New Atheist.
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    Finished The Girl in My Closet (Chp. 1 - 16; Complete)

    To be honest I didn't expect the tomato in the mirror. So many ABDL stories have a magical element to it that the "no, you're just crazy" explanation is unusual. Very enjoyable read.
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    My grandma found out

    Haha, perhaps she feels it unfair to press you for details when she has plenty of naughty secrets herself, that YOU would have no way of discovering :P
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    If stranded on an island what album would you want?

    Definitely Homestuck Vol 5. Best tracks include 2, 3, 15-17, 21, 46-47, and 64-65. Obviously there are a lot of tracks there to tide me over with, on top of some of them being very high quality.
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    getting paid $150,000 to wear diapers

    New article available on :D
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    A Growing Trend in the Furry Community

    I'd simply defend my stance, not the overall furry stance. I'm not much of an idealist. I've considered myself "traitor" to the furry community before, so I don't really call myself one anymore.
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    I just felt an earthquake...

    It felt like someone picked up my house and carried it around for a few seconds. Pretty fun.
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    My S.O. seems a little TOO cool with it...

    Don't worry about it. We men feel incredibly frustrated when little things like this are broken apart and analyzed, when all we really cared about was that we're being nice. He doesn't see it as a big deal, and it would build tension if you worried about his reaction.
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    Moments where you wish epic music was playing in your life!

    My best friend owns a saltwater aquarium with lots of substrate life. He was showing it off to someone while I was sorting through my music collection. O Fortuna was playing. "Now watch, I'm going to feed them, and instantly you're going to see...
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    Do Furries Get Old?

    I would conjecture that fursona age follows a bell curve that is highest between 15 and 28, and has a small spike between 1 and 4, and a large spike at ages divisible by 100, reserved for dragons and gods.
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    Anybody else remember Leisure Suit Larry?

    How old are you? > 100 years FORCE QUIT Yeah right!
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    Do you view infantilism as a strength or a weakness?

    Without playing the regret game (because equal parts fortune and misfortune make today) I would like to go back to the original question of "Has infantilism been a positive or negative influence on your career?" I think it has been a totally negative influence, for the entire timeline I...