I'm from the country and i like it that way.

4 wheelin, dirt bike riding, sailing, engine repair, etc
Virginia, USA
Diaper Lover
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Well I'm from southeast virginia in the USA. I live in a rural part of town and two of my best friends live on a 147 acre vegtable farm, so we spend ALOT of time riding dirt bikes, 4 wheelers, quads, and off roading in 4x4 trucks, along with a generous smattering of other stuff. I love to go camping and i practically live outside during the summer. I'm pretty much a redneck, I love NASCAR (go Jr.!!!), big trucks, bull riding, and country music just to name a few.

The earliest time that i can remember getting and wearing diapers by choice, i was 5, i think. My brother is 3 years younger and my sister is 6 years younger, so i used to sneek into the nursery when everybody else was downstairs and put on a diaper. When my sister finally got potty trained, the diapers dried up and began making make shifts. For a while, i simply balled up toilet paper and stuck it in the front of my underwear, but as i;m sure you can all guess it doesn't hold more than a few drops. About 2 years ago, i kinda stepped it up and started making diapers with trashbags and paper towels. That was all i used for more then a year, then i finnally got up the courage to buy real diapers. It was the start of last summer and I told my mom that I was going for a bike ride around the neighborhood, but instead I sent off down the road to the local walgreens. I had already looked at their website and knew what I was getting, Goodnites. I walked into the store and found the baby diaper isle. I brought the package up to the front and paid. The whole time i could feel my heart pounding, and i was thinking, "what if i see somebody i know? what will they think?, etc". I managed to keep from blushing and left the store. I put the diapers in the backpack I had left with my bike and took off for home. Now, I drive to the store, but contrary to the advise of many others on this site, I still buy from the same stores just down the street.


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