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  • Heya, in a post you said

    That is actually a legal requirement in some places, and always a good idea. I have a concealed carry permit for Virginia and one of the laws here is if your carrying concealed and you get pulled over you have 15 seconds from when the cop comes to your window to say "I have a concealed weapon, here's my permit" and give them your permit. If you don't you risk MAJOR trouble

    Imma call bs that you have a carry permit unless your lieing about your age. As in you can't even buy a pistol at under 21 let alone carry it, I just looked up va lawes because I had to be 21 to have mine.
    Hey dude message me here. I'm on my blackberry and I don't have th aim app installed because it is a memory pig and grinds my phone to a halt.
    How you been?
    You stripped out 3rd gear with the turbo yet? Haha
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