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  • This (free driver (mac)): Tattiebogle.net - Mac OS X driver

    and this (emulator for mac (easy to find pirated copies)): sixtyforce | Download

    If you have a pc, be sure not to use a free emulator... They suck... Steal a good one.
    Nope... But I got it for n64 and an emulator. I prefer the emulator because I can use a 360 controller with it.
    Love the avatar! I got really into star fox 64 over the past few days. Super awesome game, but I don't like how they made his helmet look like gueedo hair on n64...
    Woohoo for sure. Now I have 3 friends. lol
    If you have any questions about vancouver, just ask, I'll help all I can.
    mainly because it's almost the end of the 1st semester and i'm failing 2nd quarter. and exams are starting this friday. and there are a bunch of projects due.
    I know, I know....

    I read and play video games all the time..
    Video games are my lifeeee.
    Its not cheap!

    All of my avatars have been google image results, dont feel bad:)
    Hello ^^
    We should deffinatly be friends XD
    I loooooveee Kingdom Hearts -- lol hence my avatar <33
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