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  • If you want some shaving advice feel free to hit me up sometime. I used to shave all the time.
    ah that would be OMG con. i ussaly make an appearance there but i might not be able to make it this year
    Paducah. sorry if i take a while to respond between two kids, and a job (which deals withe a few hundred other kids) i rarly have time to get on.
    yeah i love MCR. good band. its kool to find another kentucky person here. so ur from lousiville. thats not too far from me. bout two hours
    Hm, Well, I just noticed we talked a while back, lol.

    And it is in far eastern part of it. Like, I can kinda walk to the Bridges into Illinois and Missouri.
    Hey, so I saw some posts and decided to see who you were, I notice you live in Kentucky. ^^ Me too. I just thought that was cool. *huggle*
    I live in Paducah, so yeah.
    Hiya! I'm finally able to reply to what you left on my page, and i just wanted to say, that you and i share our favorite KH character ^^ i love her more than anything in the world! and i love seeing cute pics of her!
    I'm going to my dad's this weekend .. Leaving in probly 30 minutes.. I'll chat with you when I can.
    Thank you very much ^__^ Its just me chillin'
    Doin' what ima do.
    Its good to see some other bubs out there that are into some *core music ^__^ BMTH ARE BANGIN'!
    Hi!!! Yeah i was glad to see the Kentucky group, nice to know there's people close to me who i can relate to :smile:
    BOTDF? No, sorry, that's not from them.
    PLUR - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia here, this is what a raver follows and pretty much lives by, even outside of raves. If BOTDF stole that phrase from rave culture, I'm very disappointed.
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