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    An incontinence survey

    im totaly incontinent by by own doing
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    where did all the 7's go?

    lucky americans us we dont have size 7 in the uk
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    diaper disposal

    double it up in a bin bag and take it to the big bin outside and not an inside one
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    Saggy diapers?

    i love having a saggy diaper but like you guys said plastic backed aswell
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    Worst Change ever?

    i was sat on my bed changing and the phone rang it made me jusp and i ended up pissing all up the wall :D thats about it
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    Incon. by age?

    id have to say school years
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    about 10-15 seconds
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    tommy says hi

    i became incontinent through guids on the internet
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    me me im a sissyfur
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    tommy says hi

    hi im Tommy but please call me laura i was born a boy but i have the heart and soul of a girl I am 18 years old but im realy a baby girl traped in a big boys body I have been in to the ab/dl scene since i was 12 and suceded in becoming fully diaper dependent again when i was 15 and iv never...