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    yes, i love my onesie! hehe. what did u want to know?
    Hi! Would you be so kind as to say something about yourself before I accept your friend request?
    Hello! I couldn't tell much from you about your profile. But I'll be glad to accept your friendshsip request if I know just a couple things:

    1. Are you over 18 (I am over 18)
    2. Are you someone who would object to befriending pagans or gays?
    You should! You're in good company! If you ever want to talk or have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!
    hey, welcome to ADISC! Hope you like it here.
    Oh you're welcome. Anything to help ^.^ I'm on Yahoo. I do get on AIM, just not as often because my connection goes out for some reason.
    You should probably make threads with titles that are about the thread, rather than just "hey" and "hey hey"
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