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  • I would like for us to be friends and meet and talk. I have gone on trips to Tennesse,Florida by jet and loved it. I am straight,like good classic movies,good restarunts,good classic music. Also like just setting on front porch sipping ice tea and talking of life in general. In diapers 24/7 so I have learned to love wearing diapers(actually I always wanted to wear diapers). I like the comfort and safety of diapers and the naughty feelings I get when I have wet and no one around me knows that I have wet like a baby. I want to get a crib and sleep in it someday. I have one piece footed sleepers and onsies already.Wite me soon okey.
    I would be glad to have you list me as a friend. I think the listing works in reverse as well. Since you're listed as newbie, welcome to the site. I've only been on since March, and actually I've never been on a blog site or chat, for that matter. I'm not entirely sure how all of this works, so let me know if I don't show up as a friend.

    My dad used to fly, so flying is special to me, even though I don't fly.
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