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    Toys! How many of you actually enjoy them

    I still play with Legos once in a while, but spend more of my time maintaining/running my RC trucks. None of it in an AB way, but still enjoyable. I will say this, those RC cars take a lot of time, especially the Nitro one(constant cleaning and a lot of repairs).
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    Do endorphins last for almost an hour(slept through most of high school)? It took almost that long just to get to the ER(fishing at a little backwoods spot, had to hike back out).
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    Fire Alarm :O

    Last time I was living in a dorm enviroment, someone thought that it would be funny to pull the alarm every hour or so one night. After 3 times of this, I just took a hammock and rigged it outside, yeah NC summer nights. Everyone else was like WTF are you doing, all I said was, we'll see who...
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    I've thought of trying one before, but never have for fear of getting an infection. If the pain is less than that with breaking a wrist, then it won't even faze me(broke my wrist when I was younger and only knew about it because the back of my hand was laying on my arm LOL). Just the possibility...
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    Anyone play WoW?

    I used too, until I got too tired of having to pay to play the game and getting spammed everytime I turned around in the towns. And when I closed the account, the one on the phone from Blizzard wasn't surprised in the least that I was leaving due to spam and cost. I would love to play again, but...
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    Diapers in the Cold

    Currently, it's been around 0 out, and you HAVE to dress for it. At work, they think I'm nuts because I come dressed for the cold and want to be outside.
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    I've tried Goodnites and Underjams, and the Goodnites win, especially now that they are finally getting closer to the original sizing. The sides of the Underjams just fall apart too easy.
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    Newest Goodnites

    I wish that they would just go back to the original sizing. When they went to the designs, they killed them because they also shrunk them all. If I could afford it, Zagete, I'd send you a box with a few packs of the current ones in it, with labels and tags already done up, so that you could send...