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  • Hehe hiya! ^^ I jus wanted to stop by to say hi! and that I'm transgender too x3 I'm looking to make friends with other transgenders because I'm feeling kinda down. Not being in the right body really takes a toll on me.
    Hey nothing much man! How about yourself? How's everything up there in the northern part of the state? :p
    Hey I'm... all over the place. I thought my car was dead but I fixed it. Yay. But my dog has cancer and it is getting really bad. Not Yay. How are you?
    A bunch is going on here but you wouldnt understand since you dont know me... yet! Buuuuuuuuut for the basics weve got two things in common. Were both diaper wearing lesbians! So how long have you been trans? Oh and if you want we can switch this to pms :)
    Reno is nicer anyway haha! I mean, at least you guys have snow and seasons : P We don't really have a lot... at all when you think about it : P
    Haha, your welcome : )

    So where r ya in Nevada? If you're from Vegas, that makes me, you, Neonite, and Ganymede the Las Vegas crowd : P
    Well, not much; the only thing I find different is that you get access to the VIP forum, I guess...
    Never been skiing in Nevada, but I've been out west before, I've skied Timberline in Oregon and Whistler, though only in the summer.
    Cool, plenty of good skiing out there. Me, I'm in New York, though not the city, I'm near the Vermont line, so my regular mountain is Mad River Glen, it's pretty good usually, as it gets enough snow.
    I would have thought yesterday would have been a good day to be out on the mountain, I went on Saturday and it was beautiful. Where'd you go?
    Eh we were gonna go see the pink panther 2, but my stomach was upset so I stayed home and crashed. I was exhausted. I'm feeling better now though.
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