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    When did you realize you were a baby?

    I was looking for something in a closet one time and I noticed a Depends sample my mom or dad had got, it was open. Didn't do anything at the time. Then I had a Sears catalog and happened to turn to a page that had "Adult Briefs" on it and it made me think of that sample I had found. Went back...
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    Do you like feeling wet?

    I love the wet feeling. It is nice to get a dry diaper and I really like when it pulled up, but the best is when I start wetting again!!
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    what is your worst leak that has happened to you?

    I was taking fiddle lessons after work one evening so I had put on plastic panties in case I leaked. I was taking lessons from a very cute young lady. When I stood up to leave I felt something really cool around the edges of plastic panties around my rear end. As I was leaving I looked in the...
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    For those in this at least 5 years ... how many times have you tried to purge?

    I used to purge TONS, I've been doing this since the late 80's. I've not purged anymore since probably the late 90's. I finally came to the realization I was throwing money away when the next day or so I would go buy more things again. Once the part of guilt of wasting money way gone, I started...
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    Has anyone ever ordered from Privatina (privatina - individual one piece fashion) in the U.S.? If so, what was your experience? Thanks!
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    Which did you get first?

    Panties were the first thing for me, then diapers, now both together!
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    someone already worked diapers

    I wear to work a lot as well, no one will know. Sometimes, I wear tights over mine to keep them dose and comfy! If someone is looking that close, somebody else may have an issue!
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    Uh oh!!!!!

    One of the best feelings when not diapered is realizing I've got plenty on hand when I'm ready for the next time!
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    What is your favourite thing about diapers?

    The crinkle, the safe feeling and when I get stressed, I think to myself that "wow, I'm actually in a diaper" and the stress goes away for while!
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    Bellissimos... Did I do something wrong?

    Maybe sitting on the edge of a hard surface caused you diaper to scrunch up, happened to me before!
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    What your favorite cartoon shows

    Tiny toones, looney tunes, animaniacs, Kim possible, Tom and Jerry, Phineas and Ferb! Not in that order! Oh and Angry Beavers!
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    Telling my spouse

    This is nice to see, I was honest with my gal at an early time and it all worked out for me as we'll. honesty is always best!
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    Has anyone tried these?

    I currently use both the TotalDry BoostUps and Bambino Quadros. Someone mentioned that the TotalDry ones would hold a lot and they do! I use them for wear during the day at work and they do hold more than the Quadros. Sometimes the SAP has come out sometimes it does not. I have found that the...
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    People Who Know Your'e an AB

    I started dating this girl I really liked almost 18 years ago and decided to tell her when things got serious! We will have our 16th anniversary this year. So glad I told her! We play some and sometimes she wonders why I'm not diapered more often! It's been a huge blessing finding her! Haven't...
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    Who hates getting out of bed?

    Sometimes I would like to stay in bed, especially when diapered even though I am an early riser, but I'm getting older and sometimes have lower back pain that gets unbearable the longer I stay in bed. So I get up and the pain starts going away.