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    buzzfeed quiz

    I got foot fetish...not accurate lol at least as far as I know
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    Diapers or 360 points? What to get?

    Go for the diapers you'll appreciate the choice you made.
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    thanks guys :)

    thanks guys :)
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    AB/DLism in popular culture

    No one posted this one yet I don't think, if someone has a better quality video where you can see the diaper better, please post. It's from Snick on air dare, Kyle was forced to wear a diaper and sing the national anthem: edit...
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    Love This Ebay Highchair Listing

    I like it, it's cute lol
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    If given the opportunity...

    I said babied, I would definately want to be babied by someone someday
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    Abena VS Bambino VS Secure

    I've talked to people that use Abena and they really like them, they say they're really absorbant and all and very very comfy. DailyDiapers has reviews on some if not all of these, I haven't been on there in such a long time but their reviews can be useful.
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    "How It's Made" - Diapers

    Here's info if anyone wants to know how those diapers you're all wearing work: How Do Disposable Diapers Work? Why Do They Leak?
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    Wearing and Exposing in Public

    I'm really skinny, so if I had access to diapers, I think I would wear them in public. But like I said I'm skinny (i'm 21 and weigh 139) and the perfect size pants for me are 30-34's but they're hard to find in my area so usually I have 34-34's and they're too big so I think I would wear...
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    Tyra Banks + Infantilism.

    I have a lot of respect for this lady, she has a lot of courage doing this and I don't think Tyra should be blamed, I mean she didn't force this lady to come on here, and I think Tyra has respect for her guests, at least it seems like it to me.
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    Fruity Valentine candy or ...

    Give me diapers with hearts on them and I'll be happy
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    This Is A Great Pram For *Bs

    I would love to ride in a stroller, though not in public too much because I'd be way too paranoid of someone seeing me
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    I'm Sooo Jealous...

    I wish i had someone to take care of me like that but is it me or is she laughing between crying? Or is she really an AB? I think I could fit in one of those because I only weigh 139 pounds
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    Sniffing The Baby Aisle

    Working in a grocery store, I do this a lot and it smells so good, my store doesn't sell any good diapers for adults, not that I would buy there because people know me and my family that shop there a lot
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    A quick question

    that's really cool she wants to try too :) wish my i knew how my gf would react