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    If you could own a diaper company.....

    I'd keep the cloth backed diapers but also make plastic backed ones. Increase the absorbency on stuff for bed-wetters. Create a line that specifically targets the TB/AB/DL and even baby-fur communities which would be available by online order only. I'd also offer the worlds thickest, fluffiest...
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    I guess that sums it up then.
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    YOUR Stash!

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    YOUR Stash!

    Hey owner of the post above. Isn't that Naota from FLCL in your avatar? Anyways I have about 30 something odd diaaper left hidden in my room. I wear them under sweats even when my roomate is around. I think he Knows.:laugh:
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    I think he is a DL

    Get a diaper and next time he comes over. Pull it out and "jokingly" say are you ready to join yet? Then note his reaction. If he asks where you got it from tell him the store had samples, and you grabbed one to mess with him.