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  • Omg love regular show!!!! Haven't seen the amazing world of gum ball yet but will def check it out.
    Thats pretty lame man, i always asumed that the live shows would be better than the kinkiest and nastiest sex with the dirtiest girl you could find. Oh well.
    What do you think of seamus? i am hating his face turn, way to didle le dee for to be honest.

    Have you ever been to an indy show. Now a proper indy show not like roh or tna, propper just starting up indy? Those kids are pretty wee
    I have decided to listen to your advice, but i couldnt find the avatar i wanted, i wanted to get one of jakes dad, but couldnt find it. Oh well

    Thats awesome about raw man, the best ive ever been to was a house show. What was it like, did anything amazing happen?
    Hey man i have a moral dillema on my hands. I 'm thinking of changing my sn to Finn The Human, but i love my awesome name.... i dont know what to do.

    Ohh and im blaming you for getting me hooked on adventure time :p
    Hey - yeah dude - it sounds like we've got a lot of common bio-mom issues. I wish you luck - I still haven't found a way to cut her off, and I'm not sure I totally want to, but it is what it is.

    Hope all is well!
    yeah it looks lame but it is fairly awesone, although some episodes do suck so you need to give it some time. I heard that was good, but havent checked it out yet, i may have to get ontop of that :D
    i was skeptical at first because the commercials for it over here mad it seem hella lame, but then, wow. Thanks for the recomendation, have you checked out flapjack? its also very random
    Ohh man is it random, the one i was watching finn got turned into a foot, by a wizard, so he found other people who were turned into various body parts by that wizzard, and then they went all power rangers on him, it was awesome. And the moral of the story was dont help strangers
    LOL IDK that description sounds like the bar is set super low. XD I mean thats like HO SHIT! WATCH OUT FOR THAT CRACK OR YOU MIGHT FAIL! =P But yeah I guess I am okay *blushes* But really I am happy with the friends I have so far. I would rather have a few good ones that talk to me a lot then a bunch that just chill in my friends box cause they liked my intro~! XD
    I am not even close to a social butterfly on here....yet. I would like to make tons more friends like you who talk to me regularly but right now I have you and my Ninikins and that is about it. LOL and thats funny cause I was never that popular either.
    **giggles & huggles**

    Hi there!! I am so glad you are over here too!! I'm happy to have another friend here!! ^_^
    for shame dude, if you had of done it i would have rewarded you with magic.... for shame.

    Not only have i not seen it i have never even heard of it
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