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    Reactions when watching a diaper commercial, around others and alone.

    when i around people i dont care of the ad. or i walk away then peak to watch it alone im just staring at the tv watching it
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    Where do you change your diaper?

    most of the time on my bed or on the floor in my room or in the bathroom.
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    what are the odds lol

    ok this is sad tho but our family dog just gotten ran over like 30 min. ago :sad::sad::sad: and I'm very sad but my mom is sad the most. she told me to put up all of Bella's (the dog) stuff. so i was getting all her stuff out of the closit,then i found 11 Sure Care shields great ugh. but tell...
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    I told my Grandparents...

    congrats man but watch your back they might tell your perents about whats happening to you. agein congrats
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    Thinking about geting diapers

    hey don't weary you will fine the diaper thats prefect for you.:o:D:laugh:. And also the cashiers and every one else don't care what your doing, I mean theres a lot of resons that your buying diapers. For example, they could be for your grand parents,or your younger brother and/or sister. Just...
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    Adisc Mock Vote

    i would vote 4 McCain cuz he can make REAL change 4 this country but sadly im 15 lol
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    Goodnights with waistband more absorbent?

    The new version is way better than the old one
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    Hey Guys, Sorry I havent been on for a few weeks. you know life and stuff. So some peopleput tapes and patches on there diapers . I do and im a Sonic fan.:sonic::sonic::sonic: Heres My Tapes and Patches Sonic
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    Has anybody ever been cought wearing diapers?

    i havent been caught wearing them but i be caught whit them or in my room :cool:
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    Goodnites Improved now with waistband

    i like the guys desings cuz look cool on me lol :rolleyes:
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    Goodnites Improved now with waistband

    Well I bought the improved Goodnite yesterday and there way better than Underjams Cuz they don’t rip like Underjams nd the bigger too. :thumbsup: :cool:
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    Are wallgeens Good

    ok thanks
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    Are wallgeens Good

    on the skall 1-10 how good are wallgreen's diapers. how good do they hold on wettness, how comfortable r they, and how good r there price. pls vote and tell me why. TY.
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    Went to a diaperware party!

    :eek::eek::eek: lucky
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    Gah **********

    And thats why i dont order from the inter net, man i feel sry for you dude