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  • "Banned for Thoughtcrime" I read that book a couple months ago. I liked it till the ending, then I was disappointed. :(
    The transition from the 9700 Bold to the Android device was a rather smooth transition. There is an app called Google Sync that will help you with the transition from BB to Android. It's not perfect though since it does not copy notes files, so if you have tons of notes - you would have to make sure you back them up / copy them over to the Android device manually. I use ColorNote as my Notes app (free via the market). It took me a while to get used to the Android interface, but I am definitely happier with my phone than when I had my 9700. One thing thats different from the Fascinate and my G2 is that my device has a both virtual and tactile keyboard while yours are only virtual. The virtual (Swype) keyboard is fairly easy to type on, though. You'll get used to it in no time. You will be wondering why the heck you didn't jump over onto the Android platform a long time ago.
    +1 on not liking the Magpul stocks. I'm not really a fan of any of their stuff, more LaRue over anything anyday, IMO. Well, as far as accessories go, or at least ACE.
    You said a swear! I'm telling and you will get banned for not mentioning at least 1 diaper-related comment! MWAHAHA
    I do know what you mean, hearing Robert Downey Jr. talk about politics almost ruined him for me. Iron Man 2 was still pretty dang good though, Lol. ^_^
    Well, I didn't really know that, but it doesn't really matter, the books are still top-notch. If I boycotted every author or actor or comedian's views I didn't agree with, I wouldn't have very many of my favorite entertainers left! >_<
    Bah go cut your self. :X J/K! Have a none emo hug :)
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