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    Tell us your worst home chore!

    I love doing anything with chores. I enjoy cleaning. I find it both therapeutic and relaxing. I put on some good tunes, grab what I need, and go to work.
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    Does anyone recognise this diaper?

    I'm about to date myself as a really old diaper-picture fapper, but here goes. That photo isn't Photoshopped, at least in the sense of the diaper actually being present. While I can't vouch for Photoshop being used to accentuate specific aspects of the picture, this is a set of an amateur...
  3. Dawes

    What book are you currently reading?

    Ghost Story by Jim Butcher, the 13th book in his Dresden Files series. I want m0ar now.
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    Anyone else happy that harry potter is over?

    Damned straight I loved Harry Potter, and damned sad I am to see it go. As an almost thirty year-old guy, there's very little that can grasp my imagination and transport me elsewhere the way the Harry Potter series did. I read breathlessly through the first five books in less than a week, and...
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    Suggestion PG-13 or R?

    The Internet is overflowing with vulgar material accessible only a click or two away from most any site you visit. While I'm not a proponent of random obscenities, I also don't think we should specifically go out of our way to clean up what rotten language may or may not be visible on ADISC...
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    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II - What did you think?

    You never saw them die in the book, either. You just saw their bodies when all was said and done, which I'm glad they didn't change. Death is never as climactic or as sacrificial as most stories, movies, and books make it out to be. In the end, I think the movie's representation of that, like...
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    I had to come by and leave an obligatory message, too! Poor Nihlus died so fast! Great name --...

    I had to come by and leave an obligatory message, too! Poor Nihlus died so fast! Great name -- just finished playing Mass Effect 2 and I friggin' loved it.
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    If you could time travel...

    I hate those commercials they air around us with the two human PowerBalls who argue and knock each other over. And the red PowerBall has a really heavy like, Boston accent or something, even though it's aired in the Baltimore area. That is all.
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    MMORPGS: When you want to mine and craft

    In the end, gamers all have different preferences. Games need to be diverse -- if they weren't, and if they all just focused on one type of action (killing monsters, as you say), then games wouldn't be a budding expressive format. We have to remember that games have developed through the years...
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    May 21, 2011 - World Ending?

    The Rapture has already happened. Randy Savage sacrificed himself in death to protect the world from it. He is the new Jesus Christ. Dig it.
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    What's Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor?

    Vanilla. Just plain vanilla.
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    Small Request for a bit of information.

    I don't think you could use your ex-girlfriend as a credible source -- after all, it's not exactly something that could be cross-checked. Lindsay Lohan could be an option, however. I too think this is an interesting take on Lady Macbeth, and not necessarily a beneficial assignment. Lady...
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    Cover songs better than the original

    This is exactly the one that I was going to put down. A fantastic song. Cash did a lot of really good crossover covers in his later years, too -- the man was an amazing artist.
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    Is NOBODY on this whole website into cosplay?

    The only way I'd do cosplay is if I could do it right, and I don't have the money to do that. I wouldn't want to do it shittily. But I have indeed always been interested in it and amazed by some of the fantastic costumes!
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    I loved season three. I really enjoyed Miguel as a counter-balance. I tend to love it when a show goes outside of its formulaic comfort zone and tries different things, even when they either don't succeed or make a show jump the shark. Case in point, I also loved Johnny Lee Miller as the...