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    I got my 360 fixed finaly! do you have xbox live I wanna play you on it.
    Ouch, you made me feel like a dickhead in the ''Zombie invasion'' thread.

    Kudos though, it's rare someone can make me feel like that x ]
    Thanks for the link but I didnt get the RROD I got one red ring on the bottom left corner and I was playing a game and the screen turned all these wierd colors and so I paused it to see if it was a disk error so I went to the dashboard and it still had wierd colors on it, I am thinking it might be something to do with that. I might scope the guy at craigslist out and see if he knows his Shit. But if any soldering is involved im not gonna do it because I am used to doing stuff like this.
    Hey can you send me some sites for repairing my xbox 360?
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