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  • Walking down the street, I saw a man. This man wore a stereotypical suspicious trench coat, a fedora hat, and dark sunglasses. I thought that it was odd, seeing as it was night. Unfortunately for me, the only way to get to where I needed to go was to walk past this man. Now, walking alone at night can be a nerve-wracking experience. I decided that there was only one way to get through this situation safely. I proceeded to remove my pants, my shoes, and my shirt. I folded them up gently and put them into a neat stack on the ground. The man appeared to glance in my direction, and quickly looked away. I then proceeded to calmly walk towards the man, slowly increasing my pace. As I proceeded to go into a sprint, I began to flail my arms. When I was close to a few yards from the man, I erupted a continuous piercing screech. The man quickly turned around and exclaimed "What the fuck are you doing?". I stopped a few feet short of him, and shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, RANCE!".
    Okily dokily. It's only a few pages long, but I just finished it and I'm going to edit it some. :D
    Every time I read "Nummer Wun Hound Dog" my mind flashes to Kill Bill when Kiddo is talking to the old pimp in Mexico ("Beel whas like a sohn to me" ) when he tells her "joo would have been mah nummer wun gurrll".
    Hey I think it's cool how you thank people for helping other people. Thanks for the message :)
    You are the worst at replying to visitor messages. Don't you notice the bold number at the top right box?
    Hey, how is your band doing? I'm just asking because I hear these incomplete songs you give me and I wonder if they ever go somewhere. Interesting start but they never build!

    Edit: I have "bonesaw" and I don't remember the other one's name but it was something to do with V... v something? I don't know.
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