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  • hey Dave

    unreal, you guys need more fireworks!
    And may i suggest, American diapers!

    Is kitbashing that thing where you more or less combine bits and pieces from lots of different models with copious amounts of glue and hidden rods and pins to create new beasties? :p
    I've been busy (oh, it must have been another Dave, my bad)

    But today its The Fourth of July (Independence Day), and I'm going to beach parties, seeing the fireworks at the Atlantic Ocean and there will be bands there at the beach, all kinds of food and people everywhere celebrating! :)

    Sorry to hear its been rainy. We are going into our hurricaine and rainy season now! LOL
    ok awesome!
    I forgot, do you use Skype? (I know we've chatted on yahoo and i think in the ADIS chatroom)
    hows your winter going?
    lol i've been on holidays for the last 3 or 4 weeks so i'm feeling pretty good haha
    OMG i'm soooo sorry for the super late reply, i didn't even know you'd replied to my last message!
    Ummm, as far as interest go, shopping basically tops the list, though i also do a bit of wood and stone carving on the side, as well as a hell of a lot of drawing. I also do a fair bit of odd crap like collecting interesting bits of wood or stone or whatever as well as exploring dilapidated and no doubt asbestos laden abandoned factories and that sort of thing :)
    In terms of music, hmmm, i'd say trip hop, industrial and swing jazz are mainly the ones i like the most, though i'll generally like something from most genres created during the last 500 years or so, the major exceptions being trashy sounding country stuff and growly death metal crap lol
    Yeah man. I lost interest in it.. but I'm getting back into it now. Yeah friend codes.. it's in the pal pad on the game. We could battle each other or something.
    Where abouts are you doing Film and TV?
    plus, any interests outside of uni and diapers? :)
    oooh, your course sounds sooooo cool!!!!
    I'm doing fashion at rmit in the city, so thankfully theres no more trips out to brunswick every morning like last year when i was at that campus haha
    Its a rewarding course, or at least it promises to be, my main problem at the moment is that i'm behind in virtually every subject so i cant really focus on doing a really good job and highlighting my skills in assignments since i just have to focus on spreading my efforts enough to actually pass this semester. But if i can manage to pull it off (and manage my time better next semester) second year looks like its gonna be siiiick :D
    Ooooh, i've always been curious about film and television as a course...what do you do in it? like is it directing sort of stuff or super dramatic acting or dancing? (not being a smartass, just being my usual idiotic yet intrigued self) :p
    So far although i'm enjoying it, i'm really getting tired of getting as much homework as we do, and having to create folios for every subject and every assignment. Added to which, not having enough time to work to get extra money i'm now dangerously low in the nappy supply department haha
    Ehhh, not much new here either, just trying to get everything ready so i can move to a bigger room (thus forcing one of my brothers into my room when he comes back from holidays) hehehe
    What are you studying if you don't mind me asking? I'm doing fashion design :)
    Howdy :) whats new on your side of town?
    Ah yes, I've started uni aswell. It's been pretty awesome so far, I love it! How are you finding uni?
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