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    Back again, again...

    Feel free to shoot me -.-.
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    Must stop leaving

    Ya I left again for awhile... again >.> But im back hopefully for a much longer period this time
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    Apple Sueing Canadian School For Plagiarism

    >_> Really... There apples... Its as if they think That the school is going to take over the whole effin company. Seriously you cant trademark a freaking apple, theres a differance in colors too, and last time i checked, it has to have the same exact color, size, and features for it to be copy...
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    I KNOW WHATS TRUE!!!! XD Just kidding, But there not false dammit!
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    As a computer nerd I feel obligated to say noob tyvm XD
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    Hey there, For those of you older members I'm back and have learned a few things about writing and online posting so no more spelling mistakes, no more grammar issues (sorta) and NU MOAR CAPZORZ!!!!!! For the noobs that have never even heard of me before, Hello there... I seriously have nothing...
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    im praying and thinking god for the reberth of Jesus Christ bacause thats what easter is all about not the day some rabbit stole carrots from some guys farm -___-
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    escuse me one sec *lmao's into paper bag and shoves into legos face then releases teh uber laugh* im 13 too -_-
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    so am I suka, so am I but i will be 14 on september 26 (WEWT IL BE IN HIGH SHOOL =D)
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    Guitar Hero 3 song challenge.

    http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=_l7agbqmO10 yea tell me this is possible ( it isnt, this was done with a bot O.O)
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    Random Pictures

    http://content.pyzam.com/funnypics/animals/notcute%5B1%5D.jpg ROFL
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    Ever Swallow Anything Strange?

    Stop tempting me :wallbash: I still chew on allot of things, the worse that i have ever swallowed though was a whole roll of bubble tape, nuff said.
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    Angry Elmo

    ive seen wors >>>> http://youtube.com/watch?v=W7IxliAPjAk LOL
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    Test your internet speed

  15. DatsTehUber

    Gaia anyone?

    Gaia Ftw