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    Hello... for the jillionth time (sorry!)

    Thank you, ESPF! :) Hiii!! I remember you too!... but you've become a Bunny since last I saw you!? xP
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    Need some advice

    I don’t want to agree with this, but I sort of do. Through my teens and early 20s, I would go on that exact rollercoaster ride; at the end of the day, whether I wanted to or not, it was still part of me. The combination of the following have gotten me to my current place of, not just...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    This thread can never die 😂😂 Crinklz Astronaut <3
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    Where do you guys live

    This is a crazy long thread...but still: Land of the brave 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (:
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    Hello... for the jillionth time (sorry!)

    Sqeeee!! Trevor!!! Thank you, glad to see you’re still about (: missed ya! Remember me well?... hopefully for my few decent moments, and not the really blunt ones 🙈 so good to hear from you though, it’s all vaguely nostalgic haha There’s my media guy! ;-) you need to fix that then...
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    Hello... for the jillionth time (sorry!)

    I'm sure I've made about half a dozen intros on ADISC over the years... I swear I'll do my best not to patch y'all again! For those who don't know me... Hi! I'm Dash! :biggrin: I joined waaaay back at the beginning of ADISC, stuck around for a very long time, went to uni, got a job, etc...
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    What are you prepared to pay for your diapers?

    I hear that! I can appreciate too the added complication of PE or cloth backing, and the premium impact it has as a personal preference. Crinklz have become my "day to day" because they're the cheapest plastic-backed printed diaper available this side of the pond. Otherwise it's cloth-backed...
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    What diaper are you wearing right now?

    And so this thread will NEVER DIE :biggrin: Dash is on the Crinklz... just like he was last night... and the night before... and the night before that! <3 #addicted
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    What are you prepared to pay for your diapers?

    I've been spending an incredible amount of time on (second, DL) Instagram and it's been my gateway into new diapers for the ABDL market. Who knew!! :P That being said, I've stopped myself trying new things, purely because of the price! So I guess, despite how long you've been wearing, what...
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    Thumbs up to the AB universe crew

    Maybe it's just me, but I think some of ABU's stuff has come down in price (buying by the (half) case anyway?) on NRU...? Still freakin expensive though! :/ I'm Crinklz mad. When it gets below £1 a diaper – especially decent printed ones – I'm all over it :biggrin:
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    Little Pawz UK

    Are there pictures of the v2.0 cushies? Are they identical to the original ones as far as design goes? I was gonna say, in that case "the stealthier, the better" ...but I actually found the ABU Space diapers too thick! #WorstDLinTheWorld?
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    Little Pawz UK

    From what I can see, Inc.Shop is directed more to IC buyers, while NRU is evidently more directed at selling the "fun" ABDL brands... presumably so that non-ABDL IC customers take them seriously. You won't find ABU or Little Pawz in Inc.Shop's navigation structure for example; they only show up...
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    Quiting AB\DL

    I had this conversation just a few hours ago with my other half. Putting religion aside for a second, I personally feel guilt in any case for doing what I'm doing as a DL. I don't want to feel guilt, because I'm not hurting anyone and it's only affecting me in what I find to be a positive way...
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    David Bowie Passed Away

    Ashes to ashes. Funk to funky. The man was nothing short of a legend. It's the first time I think I've had news of a celebrity passing away, and genuinely been deeply shocked and saddened by it :sad: I didn't know he was ill either; part of me wonders if he was holding out for his new album...
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    Suggestion Rep

    Would you describe it as "helpful, wise, kind, or otherwise positive" :tongueout: I'm not asking for it, but not having it backs up my argument that well written posts aren't always rewarded, because this rep system relies on other members to help you achieve that. My partner has just signed...