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  • Cool! Well It's my holiday soon (next week :D) so I will be on a bit more often.
    I can send you the Vocals if ya like.
    <3 Holidays!
    I didn't go to Break up north. Unless you mean the Manchester meet?
    Did you get a chance to do the Remix Comp? I'm taking more breaks on here than before. I come on on a Friday every week. I've turned back into a gamer again plus I feel very busy lately too.
    Same here. After football practice I get home and do homework. By the time I'm done with that, dinner, and a shower. It's my bedtime. So I have like hardly any time to do anything >.<
    Yea, I just noticed I never had you added! I was like, "No, that's not right." XD

    So, how've you been?
    Carlisle just for somewhere to go. Walk around the Lake District. It's somewhere far, A long distance away from the city. :shrug:
    hehe I hate rollercosters.

    I don't know why I had in my profile.
    I am thinking of going to Carlisle for 2-3 days. Not totally comfirmed yet. Other than that. No idea. Sleeping till 2 is always fun!
    I've been hiding. Mostly under my covers. But I've been working, eating and sleeping mostly. I'm not having much time to myself lately.
    Yea. I'm doing good. Just the same ol' stuff. Nearly my holiday soon! :D Thinking of travelling around some places. Haven't decided where. I don't want to go too far. I believe your misses is keeping you occupied? ;)
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