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  • Hey Dash, Got the chance to see Bolt a few days ago. Good movie! I really need to start being more open minded when it comes to Disney movies.
    (Sorry I couldn't fit this all into one message)

    I wish I could say the same on making remixes; some songs just can't work (for me that is). I'm trying to think of one off the top of my head, but nothing comes up : / BTW, how long would you say you've been doing this?
    Haha! I know exactly what you mean with the ID thing ; ) LAX is awesome; ohh the memories...

    I haven't visited Magic Mountain in a long time; gosh, I think I was 14 last I went. Had a good time, and I've heard its pretty much the same; you guys should have fun. Huntington can get pretty crazy from what I've heard...I've only visited a couple times...

    When you're referring to the newest Z4, do you mean this one? That's the latest one I've seen; it is a NICE car. My Merc is a 560 SL; I have to say, she's pretty nice. Sure, she isn't a SLK or Mclaren, but she runs pretty darn well. : ) And what do you mean only the older generation drive Mercs in Scotland?! : O Wait till you see LA; every OTHER car is a Merc or a Beemer...
    Dude, that's crazy haha! Luxor pretty cool; be wary though. A lot of places/clubs at the Luxor are SUPER strict about checking ID's, like Noir and LAX, if that's what you guys are going to do haha! : P LA outdoes Seattle by a lot FYI; there's so much stuff going on there its ridiculous. What are you guys thinking about doing? : )

    Z4's are sexy little cars dude haha! Always liked those too, but I love my benz (why I'm biased towards them hehe) : ) Beemers are far more reliable than benz though...

    Most of the time I do weddings (it is a good source of income!) and I just got a radio DJ internship with a jazz station, but other than that, i do freelance. There aren't many places I can go because I'm underage, but I get around that though ; ) Mostly just some parties for now. And yes! I will post it when I'm done... if I'll ever get done (ugh...school). I want to hear some of yours too : D I know you said you haven't remixed in a long time, but what's your most recent?
    Hey Dash : ) Nothing really new here; I too am destressing from school work haha! It sux that tomorrow's Monday... : P

    Woo convertibles! It rains a lot in Scotland, so you got to be careful with leaving ur top down : P I'm biased towards Mercedes, but Beemers and Audis are great cars too. What models u thinking about buying?

    Seattle was amazing! One of the coolest places I've visited in a long time. They have a good music scene there; can't wait to go back...

    And yep, I DJ in grand ole Las Vegas [you should def. visit some time; it can get crazy ; )]I mix mostly hip hop, RnB, and electro house. Working on a remix of Nelly Furtado's "Say it Right" right now actually hehe : )
    BTW how's shopping for the new car? : D
    Hey, sorry for taking a while to respond back : P

    Yea, just vacation pretty much; was a pretty good trip. What's new with you?
    Happy 666th post! *throws Danzig themed party*
    Not really plans - but a rough outline of some things I wanna do. Cruising. Cinema. Gigs. Road trips... did the East Coast today for no reason besides the sunshine - Home, to Dundee, to St. Andrews, down the coast to Burntisland, and back home - then to Glasgow to see the Mission District. Happy times. What about you?

    Oooh, psychology. One of my friends does that at St. Andrews, and someone I know from high school is doing it at Napier. I think it would be a lot more interesting than like, theology and religious studies n stuff - but then I guess that's just my preference.
    Either way, I'm sure you'll make the right decision =]
    Yeh, I went in to one of the buildings, but we ended up in the horrible old wood panelled draughty lecture room. Ick!

    I wanna go to Edinburgh or Aberdoom to do divinity, or Dundee or Napier to do Psychology. I'm still deciding which, but I don't have much longer to decide!!! Eek!!

    Got any nice plans for the Easter hols?
    Ahh Abertay :) I went to an open day there. The library was nice. We had to run around looking for certain books, and my team won so we got... a keyring :O

    I'm sure it will. I'm actually working so it's looking good!

    Oooh computer arts. Is that like... making pictures on computers? Or... internety stuff?
    Lol I'm just at a local college in Fife. I know Bo'ness!! I've got a few friends who are through studying in dundee atm, well theyre home for easter right now... but yeh.

    What are you studying? I'm doing some highers over again - maths, sociology and psychology, cos i was in hosp in 5th year so didnt do very well, and then in 6th year i decided randomly to take a gap year in the middle of the year so didnt sit them.
    Hey Dash, I've just noticed we live really quite close together, I'm over in Fife at the moment. I'm assuming you're a student of some sort, after your post about losing VIP titles, and I am too, so I thought I'd say hi. So Hi :)
    Not much really, sir. Just getting ready for a trip to Seattle...

    I was actually wondering about some of your remixes cuz I saw that you are a DJ. What kind of stuff do you normally remix? How are the gigs in Scotland?
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